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Jan 9, 2008 10:16 AM


Going to Tucson for the first time with a bunch of people and we're looking for some great recommendations for breakfast, lunch & dinner Can be ethnic, vegetarian, etc as long as the food is top notch. Will be around the Expo Center. Nothing too upscale price-wise.

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  1. Charleyboy, all you have to do is stay out of the chains, Arizona is a paradice of home owned restaruants, If your into Mexican food, Tucson has the best on the planet!

    1. Do a search here... there are several detailed recent posts and lots of posts pre-Gem show every year. For Mexican food recommendations here's a current string:

      Other good to superb places near the convention center:
      Little Poca Cosa
      Cafe Poca Cosa
      El Minuto
      Cup Cafe (at Hotel Congress)