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Jan 9, 2008 10:00 AM

Help with Restaurant Decisions

So I am going down to NOLA for a weekend in February (unfortuantely over the All Star Weekend). Right now here are my food plans but wanted some advice on things that I shouldnt miss or any mistakes below.

Friday Night: Stellas (have a late flight so not many places seated past 10pm but Stella's did)
Saturday: Either Brigtens or Herbsaint
Sunday: Either August or Cochon

Saturday: Domilise's for lunch and Pascale's for an oyster afternoon snack
Sunday: Galatoires


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  1. Cochon's is closed on Sunday - just checked their website. I went for a lunch in December and we LOVED it! My vote on Saturday is Brightsens, but I haven't tried Herbsaint.

      1. re: cor

        Go to Brigtsen's and substitute Herbsaint for Cochon. It is (imo) as good as Brigtsen's.

      2. You missed either breakfast or lunch at the Clover Grill!

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        1. re: bnemes3343

          Change that to "drunken after-midnight snack" at the Clover Grill.

        2. You are lucky that you fell into Stella's lap like that. My best meal of 2007 regardless of location.

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          1. re: mikek

            Petunia's for breakfast and get the pain perdue

            1. re: roro1831

              I liked Petunia's a lot, but I really love Surrey's for brunch.

              1. re: roro1831

                I wish Petunia's was as good as the wait is long. I would go to Elizabeth's or Surrey's instead. If you want to stay in the quarter then I would go to the Coffee Pot. Last, don't forget L'il Dizzy's at either location for breakfast. Delicious!

                1. re: sirvelvet

                  Jacques-Imo's Cafe
                  No question. A great mix of Creole and Cajun specialties, at reasonable prices.

                    1. re: sirvelvet

                      I don't know when the last time you went to Petunia's, but I've been there recently and it was a disaster.

                      1. re: the queen

                        The weekend of Nov. 3rd and it was excellent as always. I've never had issues there.

                        1. re: roro1831

                          when I was there the waiter was rude, the food was cold, and the place looked like it needed an over haul badly

                          1. re: the queen

                            Fortunately your experience is not consistent with most of the rest of our's.

                      2. re: sirvelvet

                        Petunia's is great, but I agree that it's not worth the wait.

                  1. You will love Galatoires, it's really special.