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Jan 9, 2008 09:54 AM

Hanabi Restaurant-Shops on Lake (Pasadena)

My friend's dad opened a Japanese near the Macy's at the Shops on Lake plaza in Pasadena a few months ago. I've eaten there more than a few times and am quite pleased with their consistency. The decor is modern and attractive. They have your usual suspects: bento boxes, rolls, nigiri sushi etc. They also have a special section of their fusion dishes. There was a "Japanese Pasta" which I was hesistant to try at first but is now one of my favorites. It's an udon dish with a spicy, kinda creamy tomato sauce with shrimp, asparagus, and other veggies. Quite tasty I must say. A con for the restaurant is it's location. It's a little hidden (between the Corner Bakery and Macy's) and cannot be seen from the street. Anyway, I would recommend this place because I enjoy their food and the service is pleasant so I decided to try and help get some word out there for Hanabi!

Oh, and another note. I had their Galbi (Korean short ribs) the other day and those were quite good as well!

Hanabi Restaurant
Address: 345 S Lake Ave, Pasadena, CA 91101
Phone: (626) 796-8080

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  1. Is this Hanabi related to the Hanabi in Temple City?

    Hanabi Japanese House
    9679 Las Tunas Dr
    Temple City
    (626) 309-4301

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    1. re: ipsedixit

      Nope. I wonder if the ones who own the Hanabi in Temple City are aware of this new one?

        1. re: ipsedixit

          Yeah-I told my friend about the Hanabi in Temple City because I work about a block away (have never been though). She told me that Hanabi means fireworks and is a pretty common name for Japanese restaurants.

    2. This is the sushi place that one of my friends and her husband eats at every Thursday. They love it. I have not had the chance to try it yet, though. Thanks for the write-up!

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      1. re: WildSwede

        This sounds like a much different concept than the "old school Japanese grill" that is Hanabi in Temple City, more upscale and chowhoundish perhaps? Do they serve beer and wine and sake? Is it pricey? That fusion udon dish description from OP is simply making me hungry!

        1. re: MaryT

          Beer,wine, and sake are all available there! The fusion dishes are a little pricier than the rest of the menu-I find that's true for most fusion dishes. They run around $15. The bento boxes are a big seller since those are quite affordable.