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Jan 9, 2008 09:50 AM

H Mart in Williston Park, LI

How is this place? Get flyers all the time, never made it over there. Seems like it's nice from pics on the site...

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  1. i LOVE this place....first of all, the produce is ripe & gorgeous for the picking. They have beautiful baby bok choy, chinese eggplant, and many other fruits, herbs & veggies that are hard to find in a regular store. The fresh seafood is amazingly fresh, & low in price. I hear the beef is well stocked & low in price, though i can't say i've tried it. They have the best store-bought spicy kimchee i have ever had. I also tried several of their frozen dumplings.... leek veg being my favorite. The prepared marinated or pickled things you usually get with the big soups at a korean restaurant are there for the taking. I especially love their marinated burdock root. Every kind of tofu you might need is there, including the freshly made kind. They have good prices on some ordinary items like table napkins, crackers & cereal. I was in total visual overload looking at asian candies with beautiful packaging, Hello Kitty appliances and assorted kitchen wares. I hear they offer alot of tasting samples on weekends, but i've only been there on weekday mornings.
    GO to H-Mart! You won't be able to pull yourself away!
    oops, forgot to mention the faboo assortment of sauces and ingredients, like the thick red chili paste used to make Korean spicy BBQ (fill-in-the-blank) and sweet chili sauce, plum sauce, etc.

    1. GC Guy,

      I used to be a fan, until about a year ago when twice I bought fish that smelled of ammonia/bleach when I got it home, which is something fishmongers do to disguise the odor of less-than-fresh fish. They try to neutralize the odor.

      And, I stopped in a few times after that and much of the fish fillets looked dried out around the edges.

      I haven't been back since.

      I'd rather pay more at Sweet Pea across the street and know I am getting fresh product.

      Or, if you can make the trek, John's Farms in Plainview has super fresh fish at also very, very competitive prices. Cash only. Beware of the parking though, it's nutty. But worth the trip!

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      1. re: JGS

        Thanks. What is this Sweet Pea? Never been.

        They say the old Food Basket on 7th is going to be a fresh produce place, similar to Sweet Pea. Thanks.

        1. re: GCGuy

          Sweet Pea is a produce market located right near H Mart, actually diagonally across the intersection from the little strip where H Mart is, and is technically on Hillside Avenue. It is somewhat blocked from view by a Nathan's Famous, which is on the corner of Hillside Avenue and Herricks Road. If it is the same as it was when Mom shopped there all the time, the main part of the place is a high-quality produce place with some other stuff. Not necessarily super unusual stuff, but always good quality. At one end, I think through some doors, was/still may be an Italian deli and at the other end, definitely through some doors is a fish market. I can only vouch for the produce place as it had been years ago--good stuff, not cheap. Haven't been in many years only because I moved to Forest Hills and I pass a great produce place walking to/from work every day, not for anything to do with the product or lack thereof at Sweet Pea.

          Worth it to check out both places, just for the heck of it.

          1. re: GCGuy

            They have a Reminds me of the place I shop at now. May have to go back, just to check it out.

            1. re: Shayna Madel

              According to my mom, Sweet Pea's quality varies a bit more than it used to, so not as perfectly reliable for produce as it used to be though still a good bet for usually good produce with a variety and generally cheaper than something like Whole Foods. The fish store has always been good too.

            2. re: GCGuy

              Just remembered--across Hillside from Sweet Pea, there used to be an Italian bakery--not sure if it's still there or if so, if still any good.

          2. I agree with JGS that the fish at H Mart is kind of funky. I don't buy it. But the produce selection is excellent and prices are good, and that alone makes it worth it for me to stop in when I'm in the area.

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            1. re: Shawn

              H Mart is something of a mixed bag. I would certainly stay far away from its fish department, but careful shopping in its produce department can be fun and rewarding.

            2. I agree with ForkinMouth. H-Mart is definitely a mixed bag. The produce department is a lot of fun, as are the frozen food section and some of the items on the shelves, as there are a lot of things they certainly don't stock at your local Waldbaum's or Pathmark (though Hong Kong Market in downtown Flushing does have more of a variety). It seems to me that a lot of their meat is frozen and priced on the high side in comparison to other local markets. I don't have experience with the fish.

              Check it out for yourself, so you know what's there and definitely pop into Sweet Pea, diagonally across the street, as long as you are in the area. Haven't shopped there in years, but my mom was a serious shopper there when all 4 "kids" were home and they had great stuff. Hope they've maintained the quality.

              1. H Mart got dirty and stale in a hurry, V&T on Front/Franklin in Hempstead is the place for Asian staples; especially great frozen selection. As an added bonus, one of the best GOYA food aisles in Nassau County. I wouldn't buy fish or meat from any of them.

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                1. re: byrd

                  I've only been once, but man was that place (V & T) was filthy.

                  1. re: GCGuy

                    Agreed. The aroma in V&T is noxious.

                  2. re: byrd

                    Good to know about the Goya @ V&T. I live right nearby, but bought fish there once and never set foot inside again. Stinky, bleachy fish, I found some expired items on the shelves too. But, I would go for Goya beans, etc.

                    1. re: JGS

                      You can go to Stop and Shop for Goya, no? We get some things there. Yes, the fish section particularly skeeved me out...noxious...well said Shawn.

                      1. re: GCGuy

                        Most supermarkets have at least part of the Goya line, so probably Stop & Shop does.