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Relatively new to West Norriton Area

Hello. I am new to the board. I moved to West Norriton about 1 year ago and am trying to figure out what restaurants I am missing. What are the hidden gems that I would never walk into? The top pizza shops, etc?

So far we've discovered Wild Rice in kop for asian as well as Minado. Obviously we have hit all of the restaurants at KOP. Other local places we like include: Blue Sky, Coyote Crossing, Thai Orchid, and El Cancun. What other ideas does the board have???

Thanks for your input.

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  1. There are some good choices in Skippack Village of which Parc Bistro is our favorite. We had bad experiences at The Back Porch Cafe (once) and Cafe at Cedars (twice) and will not go back to either. I know others feel differently about these two. Ariana's in North Wales is our go to Italian. You can search for my previous thoughts on Ariana's. We had one good meal and two mediocre ones at Ristorante Castello in North Wales (and will not be going back, though others 'hounders like this place). The Collegeville Diner has much better food then all of the other diners in the area. East Cuisine in Ambler is our go to "non pretentious" Chinese restaurante (very good moo shu and chicken with chinese broccoli). Gino's on Main Street (Ridge Pike) in Jeffersonville is known for good inexpensive pasta dishes and decent pizza. I haven't been there in a while (I moved) but would it expect it to be the same.

    1. Coyote Crossing in Conshy?

      Anyway, you should wade into Norristown and try some of the Mexican places (walk up Marshall Street among others). Try Via Veneto pizza on Markley St, and also the following...

      Pudge's (steaks, hoagies, etc.) - Dekalb Pike, East Norriton
      Eve's Lunch (steaks, zeps, etc) - Johnson Highway, Norristown
      Dolce Vita (Italian) - Dekalb St, Bridgeport
      Blue Fin (Japanese) - Germantown Pk, Plymouth Valley
      El Sarape (Mexican) - Rt 73, Centre Sq

      A little farther
      From the Boot (Italian) - Germantown Pk, Lafayette Hill
      Caspian Grille (Middle Eastern) - Germantown Pk, Lafayette Hill
      Lucky Dog Saloon (American) - Germantown Pk, Lafayette Hill
      Cisco's (Bar, cheesesteaks) - Bethlehem Pk, Flourtown
      Peperoncino (Italian) - Hector St, Conshy

      Also, a couple of other things

      Conshohocken Italian Bakery (bread, rolls, etc.) - Just off Hector, Conshy
      Corropolese Bakery & Deli (rolls, tomato pie, etc.) - Old Arch, Norristown
      Venezia's Meats (meats) - Germantown Pk, Plymouth Valley

      This should get you started

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        Yes, I used to live in Conshy for a few years so I would go to Coyote Crossing over there. I have never been to the West Chester location. Speaking of Conshy I would suggest Maria's Pizza on Ridge Pike. With so many pizza shops around it takes too much effort to find the best one but I'd say they are #1 near conshy. I even stop there on my way back to west norriton sometimes.

        Thanks for the comeback. I want to try many of the places on your list.

      2. I lived in West Norriton for a few years, and I have to be honest, I never found much of anything. I have heard that Nippers is not too bad (on Trooper Rd) - but I never tried that. We went to Taqueria Michoacana alot. Pizza - Patriot's pizza on W. Main street is pretty good- try a slice to see if you like it.

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          I was going to meet my wife in Nipper's once. She got there before me and said that when she walked in the music stopped and everyone stared at her. She called and said we don't belong in there and to meet her someplace else hahaha.

        2. Den's list is pretty good - no arguments to any of the recommendations.
          Gino's in Jeffersonville is good pizza and decent inexpensive Italian food - nevets is correct.
          I'll add Little Shanghai in Eagleville for very good Chinese food.

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            Sounds like Gino's is one of those places that I drive by all the time but never tried because there are so many other pizza shops. I will check it out. Thanks.

          2. I have lived in the West Norriton area for about four years. Don't get the chance to dine out much...but would second many of the recommendations made so far.

            Parc Bistro...wife loves the place...goes there often with friends and always had good food.

            Good sandwiches at Pudges...onion rings are pretty good too. I see that there is going to be a Primos sandwich shop open on Egypt road...next to Home Depot. They should have good sandwiches.

            For chinese...I would say Lai Lai in on Dekalb in Blue Bell (right?) is pretty good.

            Bakeries: Like Corropolese and Bake Meister...I mainly buy at Bake Meister as it is only a couple minutes away.

            Carl Venezia's butcher shop is wonderful...great meat. Got a wonderful rib roast at Xmas from them...not cheap...but it tasted wonderful. So much better than what can be found at stores. Good bacon and they make great salads. I used go to South Philly to hit the butchers (still do to get beef breakfast sausage at Cannuli Brothers), but not as much since going to Venezia's

            For a quiet basic meal that reminds me of my childhood...I like William Penn Inn. For the best steaks around...Flemings in St. Davids is wonderful. They have a Sunday night prime rib special that is great.

            That's what I have to offer for right now...I know I may be forgetting something. I do want to get out more and try some of the Italian places noted by the other posters.

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              Aman's in E. Norriton (Germantown Pike) for decent Indian food.

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                Thanks for the comeback. I am loaded up with places to try now. I will definitely hit Venezia's. I do have one comment about BakeMeister. I live very close to it and drive by every day. We ordered some stuff there for a holiday party and when I went to pick it up I parked next to one of the employee's trucks. While walking to the store a huge pit bull in the truck tried to bite my head off. The employee left this pit bull in the truck with the window down. Besides being shaken I was pissed and so were a few other customers in the parking lot. When we went inside and asked whos dog it was the workers were useless and the dog owner said the dog is a puppy and won't bite anybody. I told him sarcasticly that it must be great for business. Totally clueless. I'm assuming the employee was the baker and hopefully not the owner. He was an older guy.

                Fleming's is a good spot. Its our default business dinner place when we don't feel like driving since my office is next door. Try the lobster tempura appetizer.

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                  You mentioned Thai Orchid in your post...is that on Dekalb...I believe in Blue Bell? It's in a strip mall I think...I am looking for some good Thai.

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                    Thai Orchid is just OK IMHO. I like White Elephant, Chabba Thai, and Siam (in Lambertville NJ) MUCH better. Nadia Thai in Lansdale is OK as well.

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                      A wonderful intimate BYOB in Conshohocken is Fayette Street Grille.
                      Highly recommended

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                      yes its in the strip mall where there is an IHOP and Giant. My brother is marrying one of the waitresses from there...thats how I know it ha.

                2. Tamarindo's on Rt 73 for Mexican.

                  I also love Pudge's and El Sarape.

                  1. I checked out El Sarape Saturday night and the food was great. After being in Cancun last weekend we decided we needed more authentic mexican food. Called ahead and had virtually no wait. The drinks are pricey but a $10 margarita seems to be the norm in the burbs these days. Can't go wrong with a slice of Tres Leches cake!

                    Anything else developing in this area lately?

                    1. There's a Pudge's II in West Norriton (on Ridge Pike near the intersection with Burnside Avenue) that's run by his son-in-law, and is almost as good as the original. At least it was three years ago when I was down that way (I have family in the area).

                      But the original Pudge's on Rte 202 is definitely worth the drive as well.


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                        Not to be a smart ass but actually the original Pudge's was in Plymouth Valley on Germantown Pike. To some of us old grizzled chowhounds, it's never been as good since it moved.

                        1. re: Den

                          My God, I remember that, too! We moved to Plymouth Valley in 1964, but I was too young then to be able to afford a cheesesteak...I never went to Pudge's until after it moved to Route 202.

                          Thanks for the memory; I also remember Robert's Bootery in that strip of stores, and the (I think it was a barbershop) that had pinball machines as well.


                      2. Little Shanghai is the best chinese in the area, friendly service and consistent food. Also Try Conshy, there are a ton of good restaurants - Fayette Street Grill is great. They have a 3 course fix prix for I think it's $29/pp, but you walk out stuffed.

                        1. We've been going to Little Shanghai for a while now and it's definitely great for eat in or take out. Recently a friend highly recommended The Golden Key Chinese restaurant on Ridge between Trooper Rd and Jefferson Motors going towards Ns'town. Has anyone been there? I'd hate to take a chance and be disappointed with a box full of frozen broccoli and snow peas.

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                            I tried Golden Key last night...I live a few minutes away and was too lazy to drive to Lai-Lai. I thought the food was very good and fresh. The take out portions were very generous...moreso than most. Glad I tried it...will certainly go back.

                          2. I will second and third the El Sarape recommendation - great food and service. Its our neighborhood girls night hang out for margaritas, cute waiters and good food. Just up the road on 202 is PJ's - great for a burger and beer and Mirna's - a BYOB with Italian food.

                            1. I must say you found a hidden gem in wild rice, they are great. for pizza you have to check out Via Veneto in Norristown. They are located on Markley street about a 1/2 block away from johnson highway. The food is great and the sicilian pizza is the best I've had in a while. Bluefin in Plymouth meeting is great. The sushi is some of the best in the area. Bertolini's in KOP is very good Italian. For New American, try zacharias creek side cafe in Worcester. The food is great and the atmosphere is very relaxed. Eve's lunch and Pudges have the best cheesesteaks around. As far as Mexican, there is a small place on W. Marshall St. called La Chancla. It is as authentic as it comes. However, you might have to know a little spanish. They have the best Tortas around.

                              1. Thanks for all the feedback. Yes Wild Rice is pretty good all around Asian food. I did try Blue Fin after all of the suggestions above and the sushi there was fantastic. I do know Via Veneto. When I go there I always seem to eat pizza for a whole weekend because there are so many leftovers...each sicilian pie must weigh 20 pounds!

                                Also, I drive by La Chancla everyday. It took a while but I finally went inside and you are right, they seemed to to not know any english. I asked for enchiladas and the lady just said "no" so I pointed on the menu. It must be authentic because it was the hottest thing I ever ate.

                                I did live in Conshohocken for a few years so I know some of the places but there are still many we have not yet tried. Also, we tried Carl Venezia's based on this thread and the pulled pork is in the slow cooker right now. Will see how it is tonight...

                                1. Anything new going on in the area? I hear that a Capital Grille is coming to King of Prussia in 2009!

                                  1. So where is the best sushi around here? I know Blue Fin but its too hard to get same day reservation. Sushikazu has been our go to place lately because we can walk right in but theres something weird with the lights always dimming in there. What else is worth checking out?

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                                      Blue Pacific in KOP plaza. Same 3 sushi chefs forever. Just great food and a nice little bar.