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Jan 9, 2008 09:42 AM

Help - Looking for a restaurant on par (in quality and price) to kanoyama that takes reservations on Saturday and preferably located mid town?


I am looking for a moderately priced, but good quality, sushi restaurant to go on a Saturday night the next time I am in Manhattan. I am blowing the bank on a meal at Per Se on the Friday so I am looking to keep the budget somewhat under control. So I would want to spend about $100-$140 on a meal for 2. Reading through Chow Hound it would appear that kanoyama would fit the bill and I may end up going there but there are 2 problems:

1) They don't take revervations on Saturday night which will not be a problem if we are in that part of Manhattan at the time they open but that is far from certain.

2) We are staying on 3rd at around 51st so in an ideal world it would be nice if the restaurant were closer. Though the reservation issue is probably the key thing to me.

Any and all help would be appreciated!


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  1. You can try 15 East (may be still far from your place), Hatsuhana, or Shimizu.

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      Second the rec for Shimizu. One of the best in midtown

    2. Haru is OK, takes reservations, and is close to your address.

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        I order from Haru on occasion from work, but would really be hardpressed to recommend it. The fish is pretty mediocre.
        If you are not completely wedded to only eating sushi, please consider Sakagura. Its an sake restaurant that serves more upscale, very tasty small cooked dishes and has fresh sashimi platters. Unfortunately no sushi.

      2. Just a quick thank-you to everyone that chimed in. Your suggestions are very much appreciated. I have decided to go to the Comedy Cellar that same night so I am either going to do the Le Miu or Kanoyama. Just about to type up another request. I have taken note of many of the suggestions for my next trip after this one to NYC