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Jan 9, 2008 09:33 AM

where to eat in/near marina del rey?

would like recommendations for a dinner spot in or near marina del rey. looking for a energetic, fun (but not too young/trendy) environment with interesting cocktails and a decent menu (my expectations aren't that high). we like italian, japanese, mexican and new american. we've been to baja cantina, beechwood, joe's, axe, hal's, kaya sushi and wabi-sabi.


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    1. How about Alibi, the Del or maybe Irori?

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            1. re: New Trial

              i think the reviewer must be related to the owner or something. the service was terrible. the food dull. the acoustics atrocious. a sad, uninspired staff made the experience even more horrible. what a waste.

      1. For Japanese try Kifune down Washington by the beach or, although you don't mention Korean - Wharo is a great Korean barbecue place.

        1. C & O Cucina

          Cafe Del Rey

          (although they're a bit, uh, slow in my experience)

          1. Cafe Del Rey is a beautiful restaurant on the marina, laid out in levels so all tables have a view, not just those along the windows. I liked the old menu better, with the kung pao shellfish sausage and without the sushi, but check them out on the website, particularly for brunch.

            Antica Pizza is perhaps the most authentic Neopolitan pizza in SoCal, so give it a try and see if you like it. Baby Blues BBQ is Carolina-inspired with a Venice vibe, just up on Lincoln. Try the pulled pork or the ribs -- better than the brisket.