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May 14, 2001 10:55 AM

Rock M-day Brunch report

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Brunch was perfect, where perfect equals "nothing disappointing" and "no surprises."

As expected, the most exciting part of the three course meal ($19.99) was the Fritto Misto salad - fried shaved lemon is truly a blessed thing. My main - grilled salmon with potatoes and eggplant caviar was well-cooked but extremely simple. No sauce on the salmon, and the "eggplant caviar" was basically baba ganoush (sp?). My wife had the poached eggs with hollandaise sauce - the sauce was quite tasty, very lemony, very buttery, very brown, and very heavy. For dessert, we shared the chocolate fondue with fruit, which is, of course, melted chocolate with tiny fruit pieces. Excellent chocolate, okay fruit.

Service was great, if not entirely speedy. We had a waitress that recognized us from before and confessed to being completely exhausted by the rush.

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  1. When we had that chocolate fondue on NYE, I thought it was so good, I just had to know what kind of chocolate it was.

    Sorry your experience was not more spectacular.

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      Y'know, I think I'm reacting a bit to the overall stress of the event.

      We did enjoy the food (and the value). And, the chocolate was fantastic (but I don't think the fruit really lived up to the chocolate).