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May 13, 2001 01:32 PM

New ramen shop in Torrence (LA)

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I heard a new ramen shop opened in Torrence
last month.It is called "Shin-shin ramen"(Probably!)
Does anybody know the address, business
hours and off-days. I would like to add the shop data
to my database of ramen shops.


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    Andy Yamamoto

    According to my wife, who is from Japan, the shop is called "Ma Ma Ramen," even though the kanji can be interpreted as "shin shin" as well. No specifics other than that it is next to Home Depot at Crenshaw and Lomita.We heard from a friend that the miso ramen is just OK,but the shoyu is quite good.Also, they have been offering some kind of 20% discount as a grand opening special. Hope that helps.

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    1. re: Andy Yamamoto

      If it's called Ma Ma Ramen, I'm totally laughing! The phrase 'maa maa' means 'so-so', which would explain the miso ramen being 'just OK'! I'm sure they use different kanji, though. :-)

      Deb H.