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Restaurant with Nice Bar for Solo Dining

I'm a young woman (26), traveling alone to Manhattan for business. I love a nice meal with a glass of wine and I'm looking for some restaurants with excellent food and a chill bar where I can enjoy a nice dinner by myself. I'm open to all types of cuisines and hoping to keep it in the $50-70 range (including a glass of wine). I work in Chelsea and will probably be staying around Union Square or in Midtown, but I like Greenwich Village, SOHO, TriBeCa and the Upper West Side, and I'm willing to explore other neighborhoods. I've seen a couple posts on this board for midtown restaurants, but other suggestions would be much appreciated. Thanks!

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  1. You can try Markt on 6th ave just off 21st street. Great selection of Belgium beers, nice wine selection, great pots of mussels, other interesting French/Belgium fare.

    1. I always suggest the high top tables in the "bar" area of db Bistro Moderne. You should be able to squeak in under your $70 budget. If you want to venture into UWS you could check out Telepan.

      1. I just came back from a NY vacation where I was all by myself and I went to Centro vinoteca at the corner of 7th avenue south and Bleecker. I loved the food and the wine. I ate at the bar. I had the sweet breads and shrimp and they were both excellent. They serve quartinos of wine and it is not too expensive a place. I really loved my dinner there.

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          Tia Pol - near you in Chelsea, Spanish, small, great. try sister Quarto Pino around the corner
          Apizz - Lower East Side, not far at all from the F train. has cozy bar and good Italian food
          the bar area at Cafe de Bruxelles in the West Village, also Belgian, is just so charming to me in an old-school way, and the moule frites are amazing.

        2. Gramercy Tavern always comes to mind for dining at the bar alone or not. We just had dinner at Perilla in the village, the bar was quite comfortable and the food was really good (including the fresh out of the fryer doughnuts)! Yum!

          1. My usual "bar dine" is at Craft Bar (19 and Broadway). The wine list is kept quite fresh. My favs on the most recent menu include the Orrechette as well as the shortribs (winter goodies). The people watching is also noteworhty. It def. gets a lot of first dates always adds to the fun! Enjoy!

            1. For Italian, you can try Babbo and Crispo

              1. I really like eating at the bar at Blue Hill and Degustation has gotten a lot of rave reviews from fellow Chowhounders.


                1. http://www.chowhound.com/topics/470024

                  I posted that last month and got some good suggestions.

                  I ended up going to Casa Mono and had a great meal at the bar (the one along the kitchen). I did lunch today at Spotted Pig -- very nice and not a zoo at 1:30PM. Could be a good option if you can sneak out for lunch.

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                    Thanks for posting the link. Between the suggestions above and what is on your previous topic, it looks like I have a great list of options!

                  2. I just got back from a week alone in NYC for training. One place I recommend is the bar in Porter House. It's kind of small, but the bartenders were nice and the food was great. I highly recommend the chili rubbed rib eye. For a good, cheapish burger, try BLT at the bar. It's a little cramped, but I had a good time.

                    1. I've always had good experiences dining alone at bars at Blue Hill, The Modern, Casa Mono, Telepan, Babbo, Gramercy Tavern, Veritas and many sushi bars.

                      NYC is great for solo diners. If I feel like enjoying a relaxing dinner myself, I usually have no problems eating at the table alone. Service for solo diners in "nicer" places in NYC is exceptional. Everyone is really accomodating.

                      1. I love to sit at the bar at Lupa (Thompson between Bleeker and Houston). This part of Thompson is easily accessed from a few subway lines. The bartenders are so knowledgeable about the wines, and the list is fantastic and you absolutely CANNOT go wrong with any of their pasta dishes-I love the bucatini all' Amatriciana. Their gnocchi are also sublime. The pork shoulder is also very delicious and hearty if you'd like something other than pasta.