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Jan 9, 2008 08:03 AM

Chinese Hot Pot

Does anyone know of good chinese hot pot restaurants in New york City? I lived in China for awhile and just loved it! Can't seem to find any restaurants here that serve hot pot the way they do in China....big steel bowl in the middle of the table - waitress pours in hot chili oil and brings you raw vegetables and meat to dump in at your leisure...if you know of such a place in New York that does the same thing, let me know!

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  1. the grand sichuan on lex does it. not as good as china. a place called quickly in chinatown does taiwan-style shabu shabu where the pot is part of the table. also fine.

    1. This a fairly common inquiry.

      In Manhattan, Grand Sichuan on Lexington between 33 and 34th is probably your best bet. You have to ask for the huo guo / hot pot menu; it is separate from the regular one.

      1. There are several places in Flushing, Queens that do it, and you might want to post this question on the Outer Boroughs Board. Spicy & Tasty, Little Pepper, many others, and a huge new place just opened a week or two ago, serving nothing but hot pots. It's called Hot Pot City at 40-33 Main Street, with a veritable warren of small semi-private rooms to enjoy your hot pot.

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          I've been to Hot Pot City. The meats aren't as fresh as Grand Sichuan on Lexington, but oh the variety! I'll try to post about it on the Outer Boroughs board.

        2. Last week, I saw a couple of tables having it at Szechuan Garden. I don't believe it's on the menu so you will probably have to ask for it. Both parties were having the yin/yang -- one spicy/one mild version.