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Jan 9, 2008 07:50 AM

Beyond Tre Scalini

Any suggestions for fine Italian food in the New Haven area to impress an out-of-town relative? He's been to Tre Scalini and loved it but I want to try something new.

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  1. Adriana's is excellent for the more trad-oriented dishes. It's in a not-great neighborhood (Grand Ave), but the food is excellent. Skappo is a relative newcomer, specializing in cuisine of Umbria (I believe). It's a tiny place, and oriented towards small plates, but their food is also good. There is also Scoozi, which is on Chapel St, which is offers more modern Italian.

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        Haven't been to L'Orcio, but the patron saint of Chowhound recommended it as his current favorite Italian. Search on this board for it.

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        1. L'Orcio Rocks!! Went again on new years eve food was spectacular as always. Brought two other couples and they are still talking about it. If its dinner ask if they have any Gnocchi left over from lunch. Truly amazing.

          1. Consiglio's on Wooster Street is an old-time place and much fancier than Adriana's. Nicer neighborhood, too. Consiglio's does not have a lot of the traditional red-sauce Italian dishes you may want, but rather serves a lot of Amalfi cuisine, which is what makes it different and interesting.