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May 13, 2001 10:09 AM

Service declining?

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Maybe it's just us but the last three times we've gone out, we have had the absolute worst service. Admittely, the places we went weren't top of the line upscale places, maybe we've been spolit for the times we do go out to finer establishments.

Lately my three biggest peeves have been:

a) waitpeople not telling us about the specials (then we overhear another waitperson telling other diners about them and they sound better than what we've ordered.

b) waitpeople not returning to the table after we have been served to ask us how everything is.

and c) slamming the check down on the table without asking if there is anything else they can get them.

Maybe it's because they know they will generally get a 15% tip whether they do a good job or not since thats customary here in the US. In other parts of the world, tipping is only customary if your server does an excellent job.

I've never not left a tip until the other day at Moonshadows. I am beginning to feel more comfortable leaving smaller tips for bad service.

Other than tipping none or smaller, how do you combat disappointing service?

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  1. Before you make the decision not to leave a tip, consider for a moment wether the lousy service was actually the fault of the waiter. Understaffing by management can be the root problem with poor service.