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Jan 9, 2008 07:44 AM

Taim review

Taim is a small falafel-focused shop at the corner of Perry and Waverly in the West Village. The place is tiny, with a mere couple of counters and stools which serve as the seating area. In the kitchen, meanwhile, a busy crew runs around generating their specialty menu of falafel dishes, salads, and smoothies.

I ordered the standard green falafel on pita with everything, along with a strawberry raspberry smoothie with basil. The latter was refreshing but a bit on the bland side. The sandwich, though, was something else. Fresh, warm, toasty pita held together a generous, heavy, toss-together of small falafel balls, yogurt sauces, hummus, pickled vegetables, hot sauce, and probably some other ingredients I didn't observe.

The falafel balls themselves were tender, and, on the inside, were just a touch molten, as if one were biting into slightly undercooked batter. This was a good thing, though: it gave the falafel a smooth, velvety mouthfeel. The flavor was a touch spicy and aromatic. Together with the sauces and the pickles, this was a delicious, addictive, fresh, and hearty sandwich. I would definitely go back.

The Vegetarian New Yorker:

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  1. Taim seems to be a big favorite on this board. While it isn't my personal favorite, when I am in that area, I consider it as a food option. Are the falafels still around $6?

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      Yeah, I think so. I see you like Azuri. I tried Azuri, and I like the sauces and condiments quite a bit, and the falafel was good too (though I think I'd call Taim's better), but the pita bread was flat and thin and had nowhere near the flavor that Taim's has. Overall, Taim wins it by a good margin in my book... Though I have a feeling that somewhere in the city there's better still.