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Jan 9, 2008 07:41 AM


My friend and I had dinner recently at Oceanqiue. We were both disappointed. She had the turbot which was bland (the accompanying shrimp, however, were good.) I had the tuna which was good but the portion was very small. The décor was uninspiring.

The service was excellent.

The price for dinner for one entrée each and a shared glass of wine was $113 with tip.

Would like to know your experience there.

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. leek is correct, Oceanique is one of those places where it seems for every person who liked it another did not. I fall into the not liking it category. The food while very nice in presentation was not very good, and deifinitely not worth the price or drive up to Evanston for us(and we are moe than happy to drive a couple of hours to get good food anywhere. The service was pretty average to below average on each of our visits, luckily we only had to pay the tab once, and the other visits were business dinners. Not a place I recommend to anyone.

      1. Me too. I have discoved Quince on Hinman and have been 3 times since December. Nothing compares.

        1. My experience, in numerous visits, has been quite the opposite. The seafood has been absolutely superb, not at all bland, just absolutely delicious, with ample serving sizes. The accompanying sauces have always been excellent. The soups are outstanding, and the desserts are among the best you'll find anywhere in the Chicago area. Every time I've been there, we've had two appetizers, one or two soups, two mains, and two desserts, and every single dish has been just amazing.

          I consider Oceanique to be the very best restaurant for seafood in the entire Chicago area. I also consider it the very best restaurant in Evanston BY FAR, which is quite a compliment considering that Evanston also has such great "casual fine dining" restaurants as Chef's Station, the Stained Glass, Jacky's Bistro, and Jilly's Cafe. (I found Quince very disappointing, not as good as anyplace in this group.)