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Jan 9, 2008 07:29 AM

New Sawatdee Skyway location - Mpls

Saw the other topic about the Sawatdee in St. Paul and it reminded me that I just saw a new Sawatdee location in the skyway of the Investor's building at 8th and Marquette. It's next to Caribou, across from the sushi place. I haven't eaten there yet--there's always been a huge line when I walk by--but the menu is purely take-out and a very truncated version of their regular menu. They offer a few appetizers, pad thai, some curry wraps, I think I saw a salad? Hope they make it there, it seems to be an unlucky spot. That corner location has had about 10 different businesses in the 7 years I've worked DT.

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  1. I went to Sawatdee Express for lunch today, and even though drew13000 mentioned the truncated menu I was surprised by how little they were offering. Maybe only a dozen items, as listed above. (Chicken wings, wontons/egg rolls, curry wraps, salad, pad thai, fried rice.)

    I had the pad thai, which was $4.95 including tax. They put the green onions, bean sprouts and peanuts on at the end, so you do get some fresh, crunchy texture mixed in which is nice. It wasn't bad.

    Would I go back? Maybe, because it is very close to my office. And cheap. Would I rave about it to other ChowHounds as a place not be be missed? Not really.