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Jan 9, 2008 07:14 AM

mishloach manot themes

any good mishloach manot themes out there? any syuggestions on how to make them real cute, original not using hersheys for chocolate?

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  1. I usually purchase Mishloach Manot cards from ChaiLifeline, a most worthy cause. Sure beats throwing out good money to the junk food industry. To turn this into a cute theme, you can include a note stating that the enclosed card can be redeemed for a box of junk food (use a more socially acceptable description). You can be creative and have checklist of junk food collections that one can choose.

    Would be interesting to see how many people would take you up on it.

    In liew of the donation given in your honor, you may exchange it for one the following:

    ( ) Bottle of grape juice, bag of potato chips, one apple, bag of M&Ms
    ( ) Can of Coke, bag of Onion Rings, one orange, box of Mike & Ikes
    ( ) Bottle of grape juice, chocolate coated wafer bar, box of pretzels
    ( ) Can of Sprite, two hamentashen, laffy taffy

    1. Last year my theme was "go nuts". It contained: a bag of mixed nuts, a mini-bottle of Frangelico, an envelope of hazelnut cappuccino mix, an egozi bar, and a coconut bar of some kind, plus the obligatory hamentash (not nut-flavoured, couldn't find any). BTW, I hate spending money on fancy packaging that's just going to be thrown out, so I pack my shalach manos in plastic containers that are actually useful.

      1. Yeay- glad to be thinking about Purim already.
        I usually make "healthy" mishloach manot...
        I usually make whole wheat hamantaschen with pumpkin filling(took me a long time to work out this recipe)
        a box of herbal tea
        bag of dried fruits and nuts
        nice dark chocolate

        Also once did a savory one with whole wheat crackers, a little tub of hummus, olives (all homemade-including the olives, and organic!) with a box of herbal tea and some clementines

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          Those all sound wonderful, and a real treat to receive. Would you consider sharing the whole-wheat pumpkin hamantashen recipe?

          1. re: peacepug

            I was just getting ready to start working on a post for Healthy Mishloach Manot for my site and planned on making Pumpkin Whole Wheat Hamantaschen and then I saw this, I guess it was not as original as I thought. Would you be interested in sharing your recipe. I will give you full credit and include it in my article. Let me know.

          2. A theme that I like is products that were non kosher (or not kosher certified), but later became kosher like oreo's, snickers, Ritz crackers, Entemann's, etc.

            1. Last Purim our theme was that of "spices." We included spice tea, cinnamon sticks, scented candles, small scented lotion, spice cake, and oranges; the year before our theme concerned a good nights sleep (and we put them in pillow cases). We included eye masks, sleepy time tea, cookies and milk (or hot cocoa mix).