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Jan 9, 2008 07:13 AM


Hi, does anyone know of restos in mtl that have really good soup or specialize in soup? Not Chinese or Thai...I'm thinking like lentil soup and the like. Thanks:).

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  1. Soupesoupe comes to mind.
    80 Rue Duluth Est, H2W 1g8, Montreal, Quebec H2W 1G8, Canada - (514) 380-0880
    174 RUE SAINT-VIATEUR OUEST, MONTRÉAL, QC H2T 2L3, Canada - (514) 271-2004

    1. I really like the lentil soup (other soups are ok,too) at Panos.

      1. People at Tonic Salon have recommended the "wonderful" minnestrone soup at Euro-Deli, 3619 St.Laurent Blvd.

        1. Not necessarily 'really good' but the Greek restaurants on Prince Arthur typically have lentil soup for $1.95 a bowl that comes with a loaf of bread... good value for the starving student, if nothing else!

          Soupe Soup is the only restaurant I'm aware of that specializes in soup... I actually prefer their sandwiches over the soup, to be honest, and their cafe ou laits are really good as well! It's worth checking out. The menu changes daily, so they may or may not have lentil depending on when you decide to go...

          1. I'm a big fan of soupesoup, but another good option is Soupe Cafe near Atwater market. They usually have 6 fresh soups or chilis. Their soups are "healthy" and they post the nutritional info for each soup. Despite my skepticism of health food, I find their soups to be delicious (although soupesoup is my favourite).
            Soupe Cafe 2725, rue Notre Dame Ouest TEL: 514.932.3053

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              I've buy some very nice soups in a bottle at Premiere Moisson, notably their fish soup (which is better than many restaurants) and their creme of spinach. They probably serve them in their cafes as well. There's also a very nice beet soup at the Polish Euro-Deli Batory on St.Viateur. Neither of these are proper restaurants but the soups are good!

              I've enjoyed some soups at Soupe Soup but definitely not all that I've tried. Almond soup at Casa Tapas is very good if you are looking for something a little different.

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                I actually quite like the beet soup at Patati Patata ( I also really like their fries, but that's another story...)