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Jan 9, 2008 07:04 AM

Midcoast Maine for weeknight locals?


Where are locals eating on a regular old night in Midcoast ME? I see tons of rec's for Francine, Natalie's, Primo, (as well as some of the nicer establishments in Rockland- Amalfi, Rustica) but virtually nothing about the moderately priced family-oriented places in the area for a bite to eat in jeans (other than the Rockland Diner).

Any thoughts on...

Cody's Roadhouse (Rockport)
The Landings (Rockland)
The Quarter House (Camden)
Black Bull Tavern (Rockland)

Or some of the ethnic that doesn't get on the boards, like Tamarind and Su Casa?

Any others? Anything in Thomaston?

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  1. We always have fun at Cafe Miranda in Rockport.

    Call ahead and reserve the "bar" which overlooks the kitchen- dinner and a show!

    1. Will you come down to Wiscasset?? We really like LeGarage on the water, great downstairs bar area that is usually quiet. I also like the Robinhood Free Meetinghouse in Georgetown, a little more elegant but the food is great! Used to be a place called the Osprey further down into Georgetown that is now run by a Bath eatery...

      1. Sorry, happybelly, but none of the above are any good. Ok for beer and a burger, but that's about it. There is a small Mexican place on Main Street in Rockland that is not bad, the Sunfire Grill. Having lived in Arizona for 18 years, I find that there's no really good Mexican anywhere in Maine that I've tried but, that said, the Sunfire is fine...certainly better than that overpriced place in Northport (can't remember the name) that actually used barbecued pork (!) in a shredded pork enchilada, and the place doesn't even have tacos. Yech. In Good Company on Main Street, while not necessarily a family place, is definitely great for wine and casual, small plates. Tamarind is ok, too. Not the greatest, but definitely far better than this awful chain Chinese place that moved into town a year or so ago; they're an all-buffet, all-the-time kind of place that actually has macaroni and cheese (!), among other non-Asian items, at the buffet table. And, I'm not sure what their hours are now that it's Jan. but the Owls Head General Store is great for family fare; they used to stay open until 6 or 7.
        Oh, and the other poster who mentioned Cafe Miranda: it's in Rockland, not Rockport.

        1. In Rockland

          The places you mention are mediocre. I won't eat there.

          I don't care for Tamarind. Not authentic at all. I even got in an argument with the owner when I said certain ingredients don't belong in Thai food. (I studied at two Thai culinary schools, besides many others.) Also he said that Thai's don't eat sticky rice only Laotians do. Since that is THE rice of choice in the north and east it made me wonder what nationality the owner is.

          All the Chinese places are horrible.

          In Good Company is excellent.

          Sunfire grill is a Maine take on Cal/Mex. Not to my taste but others like it. They are closed for the month of January.

          Cafe Miranda is just waaaay to fusion.

          Suzuki Sushi is excellent.

          Rustica for Italian/med is pretty good.

          Amalfi is med/fusion. Some very good dishes and some just don't come together well.

          I don't understand why people like the Owls Head General store. I had their burgers three times and each time mediocre. And they brag about them?

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          1. re: JMF

            Re. Thai food in Rockland and its authenticity: you can pull whatever rank you want, but jeez! give me (and the Tamarind guy, who's very nice, by the way) a break! This is a tiny burg in the whitest state in the country. 'Nuf said.

            1. re: JMF

              Bittersweet appreciation for your comment on the "award-winning" General Store burgers. The bun is good. The meat, if tasted solo - is only moderately good - in fact, it contained some surprise hard bits. I suppose the hamburger is "great" if you completely cover it with all the options.

            2. The original comment has been removed