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Jan 9, 2008 06:54 AM

Sawatdee St Paul

Has Anyone been to the New Sawatdee in St Paul yet? How is it running and whats the decor like?

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  1. Billy P, where is it? Is it in the old space by the Farmer's Market?

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    1. My husband and I had dinner there a couple weeks ago with friends. It was very quiet (there were only two other couples when we were there), but it may have been because it was a Wednesday night.

      I couldn't really make out the decor, as they keep it pretty dimly lit, but overall it had a nice and cozy feel. Lots of deep purples and reds and blues on the walls and the window coverings.

      What caught my attention was the giant electric blue 'O' behind the bar - very reminiscent of the movie Cocktail (I kept thinking Tom Cruise was going to pop out and make us drinks).

      Service was good and food was above average. We will probably go again or order delivery (we live in downtown St. Paul and just found out they deliver to our building).

      1. We went for lunch today and it was very busy. We had to be sat at a high top in the bar area.

        It is a very cool atmosphere. They did a great job with the space, but it is a great space.

        We didn't have a server. We had the guy who was seating people and working the bar as our server. He did a fine job at it. Much better than I would have expected. We did have to track him down to get our bill, but we were on a time crunch. Lunch took over an hour (they were very busy) and we only have an hour for lunch.

        Even though it took over an hour, the meal was paced well. I wouldn't have known it took that long if my fellow diner didn't have a watch.

        At lunch they have the regular menu and a short lunch menu. We both ordered off the lunch menu. The lunch menu is $12. You get a choice of one of three apps and one of four entrees. The apps were egg rolls, spring rolls, or satay. The entrees were green curry, red curry, some stirfry dish or fried rice. All come with your choice of protein, but the beef and shrimp cost a little bit more.

        I went with spring rolls and tofu red curry. The spring rolls were standard with shrimp and chicken. I was expecting one, but we each got two (my dining companion also went with spring rolls.) Nothing exciting, but not bad.

        I ordered the curry three out of five chilis hot. I would normally order hotter, but I have a cold and food is tasting weird. The curry was hot. Much hotter than my partner's green curry, though both were ordered at the same amount of chilis. I think mine was seasoned badly, though I enjoyed it.

        The curry was pretty good. They don't add as much coconut milk as some places, which is nice. It came with bamboo shoots, green and red peppers, jalepenos and the tofu. The veggies were excellent, the tofu, not so much. I order tofu out a lot because I think how it is handled reflects a lot on the restaurant. Unlike the amazing tofu at places like Penninsula, there's was dry and chewy. Not what I had hoped for, but what is standard.

        My co-workers green chicken curry was great. The chicken was all dark meat and fall off the bone tender. It was super flavorful and not too hot like mine was. Again, not a ton of coconut milk, which was great.

        Overall a nice experience. Because it is close, we will go back. If they have a good happy hour, I'll go back a lot.