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Jan 9, 2008 06:45 AM

Academia de Vino

Has anyone tried this new place on the UES yet? Its located on 3rd ave. and 65th street I believe. I cant find a menu anywhere online but curious as to how the food and prices and wine are. Since it opened, it always seems packed when I pass by. Any thoughts or reviews out there?

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  1. Just there on Sunday...
    It was quite crowded. Nice atmosphere, good menu, seems like quite a big place. They have communal tables and regular dining tables... Lots to choose from, pastas, meat, chicken. Not inexpensive. For me, it was ok. Not great, but not bad.

    1. Nice wines. Pizza is very good. So are the starters. Never had any of the entrees.

      1. you can get the menu @ i've been once but didn't have entrees, only starters and pizza. all in all it is a good place, nothing out of this world. i would definitely go back and try other dishes. probably a good spot for a drink if you need on in the area as they are limited, they have an upstairs bar and one downstairs that is small/quiet in the restaurant.

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          I agree. I have only been for lunch and a pre dinner tide-over. For nibbles with the wine. Not sure if I would ever go for dinner.

        2. I had an entire meal, everything was delicious, but the entree (cacio e pepe) was a little too gloppy for me. And the portion size was small. But we filled up on appetizers and a pizza anyway. I'm looking forward to going back to try other things. I thought the service was very friendly, we had a 6:30 reservation and stayed until 9:30 without ever feeling rushed. And the place was packed.

          1. It is a great place for after the movies. We went with friends for dinner. I agree the entrees look totally uninteresting. But you could (and we did) put together quite a spread. Pizza was great. The array of wines by the glass and the friendliness of the sommelier were fabulous. He let us sample three wines even though we were only ordering by the glass.