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Jan 9, 2008 06:30 AM

Sliders in Phoenix?

Being from the Midwest, I find myself with the occasional craving for a White Castle. (actually about 10 White Castles) A lot of restaurants are serving sliders these days, as they've become somewhat trendy, but I'm looking for the real deal: cooked on steam, onions, greasy buns, paper thin beef or some semblance thereof.

Are there any good imitators? I've driven by that Chicago place on Indian School 1,000 times but never been in.

Would love to know your thoughts, especially if you can compare it to the real White Castle burger.


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  1. Chicago Hamburgr Co. is good, but nothing like White Castle.

    Their Windy City Sliders are bigger and heavier than a White Castle. I've yet to find a place in phoenix that sells a comparable burger.

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    1. re: ValleyFever

      Try Stax Burgers on Scottsdale Rd just south of's a little pricy...but great selection of toppings, buns, type of ground meat.....they even have foie gras...yummy!
      Also love the sliders @ Maloney's Tavern on Shea and the 101

      Stax Burger Bistro
      4400 N Scottsdale Rd, Scottsdale, AZ 85251

      Maloney's On Shea
      8608 E Shea Blvd, Scottsdale, AZ

      1. re: ciaogal

        Waaaaaay too gourmet for my craving! I'm sure they're good, but I'm seeking those spongey little grease balls that in St Louis we used to refer to as Skillet Scabs and Belly Bombers. You know, the type of stuff that's even better after you've put away a six pack of cheap American beer.

        Not that I'm against foie gras - I love it - but it's too high-brow for what I'm seeking!

        1. re: ejs1492

          See, in the Southwest, we substitute taco crawls for slider runs when we overindulge. Nothing can hold a candle to Mexican food to sop up tequila belly or fix a beer hangover. ;)

    2. you should give them a try...i think they are a great caloric splurge :)

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        I'll third this place, their sliders are great (western burger is pretty good too) and they have good onion rings.

      2. I have no experience with White Castles and, while many people have expounded on their wonderfulness, have no real desire to -- but Blue Moon in Peoria does standard sliders. Not to be confused with Half Moon, assorted locations around the Valley, which does prime rib (yum!), brisket, and seared ahi sliders.

        1. so.... i like chicago hamburger, but its definitely not white castle... recently, i hired a chef for an event to replicate the whitecastles, and the recipe is surprisingly simple to replicate for home. email me offboard if you're interested (although googling will yield the same result, I'm sure).

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            couldnt find your email on your profile. mine is under "blog" in mine; would love to hear about the recipe as none that I've found seem to work. Maybe the beef I'm buying is too high-quality...not sure where to find the Grade D beef that they used on the real deal!

            1. re: ejs1492

              I'm an ex-pat Chicagoan myself and wouldn't mind finding a recipe duplicate for White Castle Burgers m'self.

              I remember we could buy them frozen back east., but haven't seen any choice pickings in the supermarkets here.

              Grade D? I always thought they put food coloring and flavoring in rice and grain patties. Still good, though.

              1. re: jhenner

                you can find frozen white castles at almost any fry's. They are more authentic than any other I slider I have found out west. I just need to find the WC Düsseldorf mustard.

                1. re: jhenner

                  They have them frozen at Bashas, but they don't have pickles. Look in the bulk foods freezer.

                  It's definitely beef, but far from prime!

                  1. re: ejs1492

                    Merci beaucoup! To da both of youse!

              2. re: hzp

                H, am interested in your receipe for replicating whitecastles. Having a 65th birthday in Dec with over 100 people and would like to serve WC but it's too difficult to ship 1000 burgers or more. How do I email you offboard. thanks Denny

                1. re: Denny3600

                  I like White Castle burgers too, so I am hoping that if hzp sees your request they will post the recipe here! Unfortunately hzp's post is more than 5 years old. :(

                  1. re: Denny3600

                    I just ran across this thread. I made White Castle type burgers at home a few years ago. Since I'm in Minnesota and can get the real deal about ten minutes from my house (and probably no more than 20 minutes fro anywhere in the Twin Cities), I have not repeated the process.

                    Here is a link:


                    Frankly, it's less of a recipe and more of a process. The basic step is to put the ground beef and some cold water into the food processor to make the beef paste-like. It is then rolled out and cut into burger patties with a pizza cutter. Don't forget to make some holes in the patties. They must be frozen before attempting to grill them on top of the onions or they will fall apart. Good luck.

                2. I have also tried Chicago Hamburger and they are decent. Not quite like White Castle but probably the closest thing to the grease you are craving. Tarbell's also does sliders, but they are of the gourmet sort that Stax does!