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Great Vegas dinners without breaking the bank?

I'm going to be in Vegas next week on business. Now, I have the corporate AmEx to wave around, but back east, all we hear about in Vegas is the $300 meals and $50 glasses of wine. So where can you recommend that I go for good food that isn't astronomically expensive? I can argue for $30 entrees without a problem. $80 entrees, though, would raise my boss's eyebrows. But I really want to avoid casino buffet dinners...
Also, do any of the big name places (Guy Savoy, Robuchon, etc) perhaps have separate bar menus where I could eat alone and try some of their great food without doing a big huge meal?
Thanks so much!

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  1. If you're in Vegas, on a budget, and want great food, let me be the first to recommend Lotus of Siam, one of the best Thai restaurants you will ever come across.

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    1. In 'n Out Burgers won't break the bank.
      Lotus of Siam
      Mayflower Cuisinier

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        dog - I see you mention many asian restuarants... any other hidden gems I'll be going in Feb and most likey will try lotus. My husband would like italian we have been to Nora's any others?

      2. Where are you staying?Several choices in your budget along the strip, but the walking time/cab fare would not be worth it. For instance Enoteca is the casual Batali restaurant at the Venetian is outstanding, but not worth walking thirty minutes or $20 cab each way from Mandalay.

        Guy Savoy has a bar menu "Bubbles and Bites" with small servings of their menu ($25 for two items, $40 for four.)

        Robuchon's L'atelier is an open kitchen bar. Items average $40 each but are literally three bites per dish.

        1. Rosemary's plain and simple. Even with cab fare you are ahead of the game, and it is easily the best fine dining value in the city.

          1. I like the Mesa Grill at Caesars for great food in the price range you are looking for. Food is southwest style with great steak, pork and veal entrees. Bobby Flay is the chef/owner, but I doubt you'll see him there.

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              Went to Mesa Grill last year. I thought it was really expensive and nothing special. I'd go to Bouchon instead.

            2. as an ex-middle mgr that use to brow-beat the staff when it came to expense accounts ( boy....did i use the 'ol red pen on those submitted expense reports ) i use to appreciate it when my staff would ask me in advance for some "parameters" when going on a biz trip...any chance you can do that ? reason is - the more $$$ you got in vegas ....the better !!! where are you staying ?

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                Having just visited, I can highly recommend:

                Postrio (Wolfgang Puck) at the Venetian - sit "outside" and order a salad, pizza and a half carafe of wine. Delicious! Enoteca is another good option.

                Mesa Grill for lunch (M-F) or brunch (S-Su),,,although dinner is still a good value

                Can't say enough about Lotus of Siam...and the Asian themed-place next to Nob Hill at MGM Grand is fantastic and a good value for lunch or dinner.

                Ah Sin @ Paris for sushi/Japanese is another good call...also the Burger Bar at Mandalay Bay

                Have fun and happy eating!

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                  Or you simply ask for a split receipt and submit only one that's what I do. It gets a little ghetto but it gets you to taste the best (especially when time is limited) and have your company pay for half of it. Surprisingly, I've never had a wait staff huff over it - if anything, they thought it made perfect sense or get a chuckle over it, I still tip as appropriate.

                2. Some of these have already been mentioned, but I second them:


                  Mayflower Cuisinier

                  Lotus of Siam

                  Mon Ami Gabi (Paris


                  Spago (Forum Shops)

                  Palm (Forum Shops) -- may be a bit higher than you want, but the lunch special is a deal


                  Daniel Boulud Brassierie (Wynn) again, maybe a bit higher but early pre fix deal

                  The Prime Rib Loft (Orleans
                  ) http://www.orleanscasino.com/restaura...

                  Okada (Wynn) not really that expensive, but certainly top notch

                  Enoteca San Marco (Venetian) haven't tried it yet. Batali's more casual restaurant looks promising

                  Peppermill -- ok, it's a coffee shop, but what a great place