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Jan 9, 2008 06:00 AM

help, theme dinner party plan, urgent!!!

Dear All,

We are a travel agency headquatered in CA. we'll arrange a trip in Los Angels for a group of 21 people from China who are premium distributors in China for a famous USA-headquatered cosmetics company. Now we need a creative dinner planner to cooperate with us.

As requested, we'll arrange a theme dinner party for the group. Almost all group memebers are ladies and they have passion in fashionable things, have outstanding work performance and career status in China. They contribute greatly on selling the cosmetic comany's products. So the trip is an incentive tour. We need a dinner planner to create an attactive and impressive theme dinner party for the company to serve the group.The company requires a creative dinner plan. Once, they invited their distributors to have a theme dinner party in a famous old castle in USA and the site is decorated mainly in pink which is close to the color of their cosmetic products. It's a case for reference.

Dear, do you have some creative ideas about theme dinner party in los angels?? Or do you know where is suitable for theme dinner party or recommend experienced planner to me?Urgent!!!

Thank you so much!

contact Harmony

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  1. This is really a board for LA dining out.

    Still, a nice theme dinner might be to buy out the Saddle Peak Lodge. Inside, it looks like a hunting lodge, with paintings, animal heads on the walls, antler chandeliers and such. Outside carries the theme. It is in the hills over Malibu-very rustic looking.

    The food is top notch, and includes game, as well as beef, lamb, pork, fish and poultry. We're talking venison, elk, buffalo, squab and more!

    You could do a "hunting lodge theme" and your guest would feel really submerged in a classic American experience.

    If you find a caterer, you can do a theme dinner in the Peterson Automotive Museaum. The museam features all sorts of amazing cars, from famous TV cars to hot rods to fancy cars and more. Then have famous chef Wolfgang Puck cater it. Check the sites out.


    Wolfgang Puck Catering:

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      OP mentioned the group consists of mostly ladies. Both of these places sound like more suitable for men.

      1. re: fdb

        ladies don't like meat or cars? I'm a lady, and I almost had my reception at the Peterson. I also LOVE tha Saddle Peak lodge.

        1. re: Diana

          I'm with you, Diana. I'm a woman (not so sure about the lady part), and Saddle Peak Lodge is one of my absolute favorite special occasion places in LA. And my 70 year old mother, who is definitely a lady, also loved it.

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      1. You could do a "Hollywood Glamour" theme party. Rent out a room at a very "Hollywood" restaurant and have it set up with photographers, a red carpet, pictures of celebrities, celebrity magazines, a "swag" room, etc. Find a trendy restaurant with a good size private room, such as Campanile, Luques (rent out patio?), Orso (rent out patio?), Spago, Mastros or at a hotel such as the Mondrian or Chateau Marmont where you can rent a suite and have it catered.

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