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Jan 9, 2008 05:52 AM

Seafood in Crystal River

I'm heading down to Crystal River in a week to frolic with the manatees and was wondering where I should go for some good seafood. So far these 2 look like the top contenders...
-Charlies Fish House Restaurant
-Pecks Old Port Cove

Where should I go?

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  1. Stumpknockers Restaurant Dunnellon 13821 SW Hwy. 200

    1. For a real local experience, take the drive to Peck's Port Cove. It's a bit of a long drive, but the views along the way are lovely and the trip is worth it. The local crabs are the thing at Peck's Port Cove. I also like Charlies Fish House if you don't have time to drive to Pecks.


      1. This is kinda funny to me. I'm headed to Beverly Hills tomorrow to visit my parents. We're having lunch at Charlies on Friday and dinner at Pecks Old Port Cove on Saturday.

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          I'll be expecting reviews for both! Please let me know if they have any crab available (blue crab, stone crab, etc.).


        2. > -Charlies Fish House Restaurant
          > -Pecks Old Port Cove

          You got 'em. It's a long winding drive down to Peck's in Ozello but it's worth it.

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          1. re: johnhicks

            I was fortunate enough to try both places...

            Charlies Fish House Restaurant:
            I ordered the fried shrimp and 2 rounds of stone crab claws. I wasn't expecting anything special from the shrimp, but they were honestly some of the best fried shrimp I've ever had. They tasted fresh, they were obviously hand breaded, and were fried perfectly. The stone crab were so good I had to order a second round.

            Pecks Old Port Cove:
            All you can eat steamed blue crab! I managed to put away 16... a new personal best. Great little place in a really cool location. Our waitress was extremely nice and had no complaints with bringing me loads of crabs as I sat there for approximately 3 hours picking away at them. I'll definitely be back next time I'm in Crystal River.

            1. re: SenorSuarez

              Thanks for letting us know how these two rec's turned out....Barbara