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Jan 9, 2008 05:21 AM

Kosher Subway opening in downtown Manhattan?

In today's AM New York, there is an article discussing a kosher Subway opening in New York City. It doesn't make a single mention of the UWS location that has been previously discussed. It talks solely about one opening on Water St sometime during Q1 2008.

This is the first I've heard about a kosher Subway in the financial district. Has anyone heard anything about this?

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  1. With the dearth of kosher options downtown, it would be a welcome success, imo.

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    1. re: DeisCane

      I hope it is near a subway station that is readily accessible from downtown Brooklyn. Here too many kosher places have closed and there is almost nothing available anymore.

      1. I have solid information that a kosher Subway is opening on Broadway between 77th and 78 Streets this spring

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        1. re: Steveeee

          thats old news, steveee -- we've known that since November.

        2. I noticed that the Avenue J location in Brooklyn could not make a go of it with traditional Subway fare and has a big sign in the window promoting their salad bar and their SHwarma. Evidently they have permission from corporate headquarters to evolve into a shawarma joint combination sub shop.

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          1. re: EvanM

            Most (maybe all) of the kosher Subways sell shwarma subs. Personally, I'd rather go to a middle eastern joint for shwarma.

            1. re: EvanM

              Yes, morris, I believe all of the Subways sell shawarma and most reviews I've read have been bad.

            2. The original comment has been removed