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Jan 9, 2008 05:15 AM

Pan on the Danforth = bad

i went to pan on the danforth because i heard they had some good reviews. i was sadly disappointed!

i ordered chicken souvlaki and i had to bite through joints/etc. which ruined it for me. it also wasn't high quality chicken. the tzatziki was very basic and not flavourful at all. besides tasting bad, it was cold when it came.

it is by far the worst greek food i've ever had. i'd recommend more going to mr. greek or astoria.

the servers are nice though.

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  1. So true, so sad. They were once the best in Toronto, and you didn't go there for souvlaki back then. Those reviews must be ten years old or more.

    1. Sorry to hear you were let down when you went. I was there semi-recently and I had a great experience, here's my review. The mark of a truly good restaurant would definitely be a high degree of consistency, so most average to good places will have their bad days. But if I can play devil's advocate I think overall Pantheon is still a decent eatery. I've never been to Astoria but I can say with confidence I'd return to Pantheon before I'd hit up a chain like Mr. Greek, I've had way worse meals at places like that.

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      1. re: 50firstdatesguy

        50first... Pan and Pantheon are actually different spots. Sounds like you ended up at the better resto.

        Too bad to hear that Pan has gone downhill. I agree with embee that it used to be very worthwhile, and far more than a souvlaki joint, but I haven't visited since I moved from that 'hood.

        1. re: Rabbit

          My apologies, I quickly assumed 'Pan' was just shorthand for Pantheon because we're talking Greek restso.

          In this situation I'm glad to hear I was wrong though! Thanks Rabbit.