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Jan 9, 2008 05:15 AM

Grand Re-Opening of Loco Wine and Tapas Bar in South Easton

Loco Tapas and Wine Bar in South Easton closed it's old location this week and is moving into a new spot tomorrow. The new address is 520 Foundry Street.

We went to Loco last month and fell in love with the place. I hope they are able to maintain their quality with the move, and I hope the atmosphere is as nice as that of the old digs.

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  1. For those nearby, this was the former home of Dorothy Lou's Pastry Shop...

    1. Anyone been to the new location yet?
      What are some of the best hot tapas to order?

      1. I went here 2 weeks ago with my wife and another couple. I loved the atmosphere, but this was a bad night to go here. Did not know about call ahead, quoted 1.5 hr wait and not confident. They were right. We ate in the lounge. The more I think I about it the more disapointed I am. Every item we ordered was tasty,but you only get 3 pieces.So one person always got screwed. Couples would have to fight over the one extra. We also ordered the paella, the size here was disapointing again. I thought the idea was to share, this dish would not satify one person, not worth $25.00 for rice!

        If you are lookiing for a Tapas Rest, take a ride to La Moia in Providence. Loco is 10 miles for my house but I'm going back to Prov.

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          Had a chance to visit Loco Tapa's & Wine last night 3/22/08. I drove up from South County RI and it was worth the trip. Yes, you do have to get there early, the place opens up at 5:00pm We arrived at about 5:30 and no problems. they sat us right away. You get there at 6:00, plan on waiting.They do allow you to call ahead and put your name on the list.but if your not there when you say. they won't hold your reservation. Because of what type of place it is there is a slow turn over on tables. The food was excellent. just to name few Tapas Patatas bravas (fried potatoes) good stuff. Calamari was excellent. overall a great place to come if you want a different type of dining experience. The owner and the chef were both out on the floor talking with guests. Thumbs up on the cleanliness.
          By the way the place in Providence La Moia I heard it had a fire in the building. So I not sure there open anymore.