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Jan 9, 2008 05:00 AM

Bone Fish Grill-- Brick-- Been there lately?

I went to the Grill about a year ago. I remember it being somewhat unorganized, but the food not so bad.(Only one dinner had to be sent back for undercooking). Who has been there lately and what comments can be made? Out of all four of us, I remember the mahi mahi being the best dish, and then the blueberry martini was good.

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  1. I have always enjoyed their Sea Bass (it's a very good thickness, and properly cooked) and the Potatoes Au Gratin that are made with gruyere, swiss and parmesan. They will often try to give you a story about their special (telling you what it tastes like, and what the fish eats, only to have both of them be horribly incorrect), but I've long since learned not to trust a waiter's taste buds over my own.

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      Thanks for the info. I noticed that your go to party dish is speghetti bolognese. I am currently searching for a good receipt for that. Could I possibly try yours out?

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        Please post any recipes on the Home Cooking board:


        You are welcome to post a "heads up" here.


    2. I like the Mango-Pomegranite martini a lot - it's sweet, so one is plenty for me, but boy it's a good drink. I also like the bang bang shrimp, the sea base with the asian glaze, and the potatoes au gratin. My husband has had a couple of their specials, usually some kind of fish with a crab sauce, and he's been happy every time. I like the Bonefish salad, too - with hearts of palm and a light viniagrette dressing.

      I've eaten at the Bonefish 8 or 10 times in the last couple of years, and never had a bad meal.

      1. I have eaten in the Brick and Myrtle Beach venues .Both are very good ..Brick has lowered the price for thier lobster tail ..the size is also smaller ....Stay away from the pasta side .mussels and chower are very good

        1. We went there on Wednesday, and really wish we skipped it! I suppose that if you never ate fresh seafood then the place would be ok, but everything was frozen IQF style fish, aka, awful! My grilled tuna steak was the shape of a baseball, really, with tons of tendons running thru it, nasty! Save your money and go anywhere else!

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            shorebilly - Sorry about your meal. Although I haven't been back in a while I recall the food to be decent (especially for a chain restaurant).

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              ate there last Sunday with friends .The chower was not hot ,but was tasty ,Other then that it was what we expected ..Service was done with a system as always ,it worked well .We well be back ..!
              PS the place was crowded @ 6:00 pm on winter Sunday nite .that is saying something ..!

            2. We have been there twice, Why? because in East Brunswick, we are starved for good, forget good! even decent resturants. I am truly sorry, but Bonefish rates along with Red Lobster, which we've only tried once in the 10 years we have lived here. The service is fine, as well as the "umbrella" drinks, wine list is ok for the suburbs. But the food is disappointing on so many levels. Too salty, overcooked,overpriced,and just not fresh.Please folks, if you want good seafood at a decent price, bring a bottle of white, and be prepared to wait, and go to:Morgan Fishery, on Rt 35 and Midland ave. 732.721.9100. Try the calamari, it's killer.