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May 12, 2001 04:17 AM

Best Burger in Los Angeles

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I would like to know about where the best burger in Los Angeles is. I have heard about Cassell's and Pie and Burger, but want to hear a wider audience which includes:

people who love the two above
people who hate the two above

and people who have their own deeply ingrained opinions about who has the best burger, that somehow deviate from the aforementioned spots.

peace, love and misunderstanding.


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  1. Of course, you jest.

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    1. re: 2chez mike

      Jest? Hardly.

      I live in West L.A. And would therefore most appreciate suggestions from this neck of the woods, but would actually gladly travel up to 50 miles (on a weekend) for a heavenly burger experience.

      Thanks in advance.

      1. re: Burger_Man

        Tommy burgers in Glendale. MMMM

        1. re: Caitlin

          The Apple Pan on Pico Blvd.

          1. re: Buddhapines

            My God, I ate at the famous Apple Pan today - had one of each for their 'famous' burgers'. For the life of me, how can you call this a great burger? They were SWEET. Properly cooked, but certainly not worth eating again.

            1. re: GianniB

              Different strokes for different folks!

              1. re: GianniB

                Well, if one of your selected 'famous' burgers was their Hickory Burger, it would be odd if the hickory sauce _didn't_ contribute to a sweet flavor. Many well regarding burgers around town sport a sweet compote these days, whether from carmelized onions, a fruit chutney, or both. Heck, plain catsup is sweet too, so I guess lots of folks require a sweetness to their burger...

                1. re: silence9

                  You have a point there. Office burger anyone? the much praised Wimpy burger with MANGO CHUTNEY at Gorikee? the burger at Taste? we could go on and on.

                  1. re: kevin

                    father;s office burger might be one of THE most overrated things i have ever come across in LA. shocking really.

                2. re: GianniB

                  i must say that i agree with GianniB... though i think everyone that is a burger aficionado should go to the apple pan at least once, simply b/c of the location's historical significance... for me... it's an ordinary, unremarkable burger that doesn't come close to living up to the hype and reputation... and i dare you to go with a friend and order 2 cheeseburgers with sides of fries (no drink), and get out of the place for less than $25 or $30.... little steep for a diner-style place...

                  1. re: HerbyN

                    Hi... Steakburger with cheese is $6.70 and fries are $2, so for two patrons that's $17.40 before tax and tip. But with tax and tip, that's over $22 (with no beverages), so i get your point. Where things get outlandish is the steep per-slice price of the (very good) pies...

                    1. re: silence9

                      incorrect. it's at least 6.50 if not more right now without cheese, with single cheese, 7 bucks, with double 7.35, and fries are either 2.10 or 2.15, the thing is they tack on about a dime or 15cents every three months or so, so you don't notice it, unless you're a regular and happen to have the prices memorized.

                      so it would probably be closer to $18 unless they've increased their prices even more so in the past month and a half.

                3. re: Buddhapines

                  Dude! You go to Apple Pan for the Banana Cream Pies, then you go for the burgers. It's not as much about the best burger loaded with kobe-this and truffle-that, but instead having a classic burger. Nothin more, and nothin less.

          2. haven't eaten at pie and burger. ate at cassells recently. they are all about quality ingredients and a big patty of meat. that's not usually what I want in a burger.
            my favorite these days is LA Best Burger on pico, just east of cresent hights. ingredients are fresh. they mix tastey spices into the patty.

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            1. re: elisha

              So six years later, I reply: L.A. Best Burger! WOW! You describe my old fave burger from... the long gone...L.A. Best Burger at the car wash on Santa Monica Bl at Federal. When you ordered, the nice people (a family I believe) opened up the 'fridge, got out a (recently ground) ball of meat with what looked like parsley and breadcrumbs in there (just like my grandmother made) and they squashed the ball of meat with the spatula into a patty on the grill. Those burgers were so good and their fries were excellent too. I wonder if the same people are Pico/Crescent Heights? Gotta get over there...

            2. Yes Thai for Burgers.

              This was a recommendation in the past that I went and tried. The burger is HUGE and seasoned just right. The meat may be choice. The fixins are wonderful. I think it comes with bacon cheese avo. and grilled onions. The one I ordered didn't have avo. but it was still great!!

              The fries are home-made.

              What's funny about this place is the thai food my wife ordered was just average!

              This was the best burger I've had at any restaurant.

              1. Burger Man, have you tried searching the Chowhound database for Los Angeles burger info? Many, many great minds (and palates) have debated this one.

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                1. re: Lisa Bee

                  Yeah, do a search for the burger map. There are TONS of places listed there!

                2. I love the Pie N Burger and really like Cassells. With those credentials I advise a darkhorse: The San Francisco Saloon. Don't be afraid of the cheesey sandwich names (like the Nob Hill and the Coit Tower). Don't order them either...But the Burger is a fantastic hunk of char broiled meat. Ask to toast the bun and order without mayo (obviuously). It's on Pico nearish Sawtelle. Wnjoy....