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Jan 9, 2008 04:12 AM

Downtown Minneapolis: Gianelli's Pizza

i have heard rave reviews for this place-- and especially for their house "specialty" pizza. looking for any and all feedback. are they related to the same name pizza in milwaukee??

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  1. It's not bad. It's a good skyway by the slice option. Greasy but good. I don't know if I would make the trip just to go there but considering the sorry state of MSP pizza it might be what you are looking for. No idea on the Milwaukee connection.

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    1. re: mnitchals

      It's actually spelled Ginelli's- don't know if they are in Milwaukee. They seem
      more like a Philly kind of pizza place (in a good way) than many places around
      here. I like the pizza for the following reasons: Good dough- nice and chewy and
      moist, not burnt, not crackery, not too salty. Good sauce- not heavy on spices,
      sugar, salt etc. Quality cheese, quality toppings. Fair prices, bargains later in the
      afternoon. Some of my criteria might not sound exciting but believe me finding all
      of this in one place is not common around these parts. Also the people are friendly
      in an east coast kind of way.

      1. re: faith

        can someone give me the location and how to access via skyway

        1. re: MarkG

          Ginelli's is right between the TCF Tower and Baker Center (8th St between 2nd Ave and Marquette). It's right next to a Subway, Falafel King, etc.

          If you tell me where you're coming from, I could give you better directions.

          Also, as a little tidbit, my favorite pizza in town is from Broders Deli (not the pasta bar across the street) in south Mpls on 50th & Penn.