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Jan 9, 2008 03:49 AM

Raw Oyster Virgin Seeks Affordable Sampling?

I'm just now starting to learn about raw oysters & their delight. Anyone have a good place to sample various kinds (local and farther afield), but not break the bank doing it. One dozen at Legal was almost $27 and I wonder if they can be had just as fresh for somewhat less dinero. Any ideas?

Suzie CK

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  1. It isn't cheap, but check B&G oysters in the South End.

    1. I guess my first choice for oysters is obvious and that would be Neptune Oyster. The prices are listed on the mirror and average $2.50 an oyster. That being said you can find a decent sampling of quality oysters at the Oyster Bar in Faneuil Hall for somewhat less.

      1. as you are just starting out i would suggest not being too concerned with price and more with quality and variety. you really don't want to skimp and take the chance of a less-than-pristine oyster ruining your day and then turning you off what might of been your favorite variety. once you get acquainted with all the different types then you can shop for bargains.

        that said, Neptune and B&G would be my picks. i would give the edge more to Neptune as last month i plowed through a couple dozen and every single one was opened with a skill that i have not seen locally for some time. not a mangled or dry oyster in the bunch.

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          The ability to open an oyster properly is a great point. Many places will use a machine that does not have the inside in mind, just crack it open. You also want to look for somewhere that opens them to order, not sitting with a tap water moisted cloth on them. Or, as the typical chinese buffet does and rinses them.

        2. Start where is all began, Union Oyster House. Enjoy!

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          1. re: treb

            UOH is good but only at the downstairs raw bar. the oysters and clams that go to the DR are pre-opened.

          2. At that price, at least get better atmosphere, with equally good oysters, @ East Coast Grill (& Raw Bar). They always have a decent selection too. And good drinks.

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            1. re: franksnbeans

              I second East Coast. That is where I had my first oyster!!!

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                i would suggest ECG also but i think that Neptune or B&G usually have a greater variety.