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Jan 8, 2008 09:05 PM

Meyer Lemons

I was just gifted with a lot of beautiful Meyer Lemons. I have about 30 left and I usually juice and freeze them into these plastic bags that act as ice cube trays. I really love the zest and would love to preserve them some way. Does anyone have a way to keep the rind without losing too much flavor? I tried Food Saver-ing the peels one year and freezing... not so good. Anybody have any success? Should I just zest and add to my lemon cubes? Any ideas would be appreciated.

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    1. depends on what you want to use it for in the future. Freezing zest won't allow for some sort of 'suspended animation'. The flavor/texture will dissappoint. Think first of a fresh strawberry, then of a frozen and defrosted strawberry.

      Since its the oils in the zest that supply flavor, freezing bare zest or skins will subject the oils to damaging dehydration. But if you could freeze the peels or zest within a liquid (lemon juice) you might have some success with later use as a flavoring agent in cakes, frostings, sauces etc. If you want to store finely grated peel, then freeze it with some juice as a paste in ice cube trays, as you would pesto. Then you could cut the frozen chunks to size. But I would store the frozen cubes in something other than plastic (mason jar) to keep the flavor from 'mingling' in the freezer.

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        Totally makes sense. I will try some in cubes and I want to try TIRGL's method too. Thanks!

      2. I zest the lemons and slowly cook them with sugar and a bit of lemon juice. The peels/zests shouldn't have any white on them either. The zest gets softened and I put it into a jar in my freezer and use when I need lemon peel for a recipe. It will keep in the fridge for a while. I have so many Meyer lemons this time of year that I just put a big spoonful of the sweetened zest into a meatloaf (also a lot of sage). Delicious

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          How do you zest your lemons? Do you use a knife, grater or zester? Also, what is the ratio of sugar to zest to juice? Thanks, I want to try this.