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Jan 8, 2008 08:11 PM

Great Food near Union Station

Wanted to eat dinner at Patina this Saturday night but couldn't get in due to a special event. Is there any place not too far away that I can have great food? Not interested in Mexican food. Price not an issue.

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  1. There's Traxx directly in Union Station. Union Station is next to Olvera Street (all Mexican places) on one side and the Twin Towers (jail) on the other; it's not a good neighbourhood. If you're not picky about ambiance, there's Philippe's the Original. Otherwise you'll need to take the Red Line a couple of stops and you can go to things like Nick & Stef's or the Water Grill.

    1. I respectfully disagree with Das concerning the distance from the twin towers. The MTA headquarters building and a stret seperate it from Union Station in the other direction from food desinations. The neighborhood isn't that bad. For great food, Little Tokyo (Izayoi, Sushi Gen) would be considered not too far away and great food although not high end.

      1. Its not real fancy but Spring Street Smokehouse is pretty good for some things.

        1. For an upscale ambience I think Traxx is your only choice right by Union Station. If you were wanting to go to Patina, then your downtown options are more open, as noted below: Water Grill, Nick n Stef's, Fire Engine Co. No. 28

          1. Too bad the request is for "great" food. The Union Station area isn't teeming with that, as Ubergeek says. Must be some nice places Downtown near a Red Line (subway) stop, or Purple Line (also subway) to Korea Town, which isn't in the immediate area but travel-convienient. Gold Line to Chinatown for mediocre Chinese might also be an option, and is a short ride.