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Jan 8, 2008 07:13 PM

WildWing? How to choose from 100 flavours?

WildWing has a (fairly) new location in Oakville that i picked up a menu has over a 100 flavours from chocolate wings to salt$vinegar and other 'chip" flavours...has anyone tasting some unknown flavour that is worth checking out? the menu seems overwhelming to choose from!

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  1. I forgot to add the website if anyone is curious to check out the

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    1. re: burlgurl

      Haven't been yet. But if the wings are great this post would be very helpful if folks could list their favourite flavours!

      Looks impossible to choose.

    2. I've been to Wild Wing in Orillia. The Wings are good, but not great. I guess the shtick of the restaurant is all the different flavours. On the side menu, they have onion rings with a variety of sauces. I tried the Gar Par rings - Renee's caesar dressing and parmesan - an interesting combination that actually was quite good. If you happen to be in the neighbourhood and want some comfort food probably worth a visit.

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        I really enjoyed Wild Wing Oshawa. The staff. The ribs. Sadly that all seems like a distant memory now. Wid Wing Oakville stinks. I took my mom there for her birthday last week. Where to start? The starters are small. The meat is way over sauced. And I asked one of the waitresses if they did birthday cakes to bring to my mom, and she said NO. Not maybe...but NO. Only for our waitress to say yes they do. My timing got all screwed up to surprise my mom. I will never go to this location again.

        Wild Wing Oshawa
        1155 Ritson Rd N, Oshawa, ON L1G8B9, CA

        1. re: Philip T

          I have been to two different WW (Oshawa, and the new location on Bayview at Millwood) and both have been a mediocre experience. I agree that 100 flavours is ridiculous; too much choice means not enough thought has gone into any of the options. The hottest wings they make made me yawn, and I don't like how the wings are breaded. I'd take most other wing places (especially Duff's) before heading back.

        2. re: cynalan

          We actually enjoy going to Wild Wings....noticed that they have really expanded recently.....We really like the "Gar Par" and "She's a Hottie"....Even the Gar Par fries are really nice.....

          Service is decent.....Size of the wings are good too....

          Please do note that this is based on the ones I go to in the east end,the one in Victoria Park and Ellesmere and the one in McCowan and Finch......

        3. Long on hype, low on quality franchise. Varieties I tried in Mississauga were breaded, greasy, and tasteless. Not a winning formula.

          1. Wild Wing is a love it or hate it kinda place, and you will find a lot of people that hate it on these boards. Some people dont like the breading on the wings, but its a very lite breading and I think they are great. There are some hardcore wing snobs that say the only wings that are good are Anchor Bar or that style, but I like the options at Wild Wing, just wish the wings were a bit cheaper!

            My favorite flavors are Spagetti Western(Mild sauce, italian seasoning, parmasen cheese), and Some Beach(Gar-Par, buttermilk dill and medium). they are soo tasty!