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Jan 8, 2008 06:51 PM

Regular Menu at Sea Saw?

We may go to Sea Saw on Friday night, but I really don't want to drop a lot of coin on the omakase menu (spent way too much in Las Vegas on NYE). Is ordering off the regular menu satisfying? Or would it be better to wait to enjoy the omakase when I am feeling a bit more free and easy.

If we go elsewhere, what else is good nowadays in Old Scottsdale beside Cowboy Ciao?

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  1. The regular menu is just as good, but I have found that you don't really end up saving any money. If you're looking for japanese food of a comparable quality - but not as artistic - I might consider Yasu. It's not in old Scottsdale, but I think the food is excellent.

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      I am a bit fan of Yasu. I live right around the corner. However, we are going to be be down in Old Scottsdale on Friday, so someplace down there would be preferable.

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        Would this be the same Yasu that serves genuine Japanese Kobe beef $75 for 5 oz?

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          That's the one, although I never tried the Wagyu beef there. I had it at Binkley's; very rich but I don't know that I'd want more than a couple of bites.

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            If it's genuine they're selling it at a loss!

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              they are making money at $75 for 5 oz, to the best of my knowledge that is Japanese Wagyu that they are selling. Kobe refers to a specific prefecture that the cow comes from and nothing from the prefecture is imported into the USA.The Sea Saw team of Nobuo and his Sous-Chef Geoff Reed just returned from Japan where they have set up importing product from specific vendors at the Tsukiji market. They are bringing is some fish that is very rare to the US market and some type of Japanese beef that they have not had before.

      2. The last time we ate at Sea Saw two women sat next to us at the bar, but did not order the omakase. Turns out they didn't know about it, and they were a bit upset watching our food come out. Plus, off the menu is not necessarily a cheap alternative. If it was me, I'd wait and do the omakase another time.

        If you are looking for a Japanese alternative, you may want to try Stingray just down the street. We've found the sushi to be quite fresh and delicious, and the few menu items we tried were good. Yes, it has the Scottsdale vibe, and it can be a little loud, but the food is good and we always have a good time there.

        Union Wine Bar and Grill is also nearby, and we liked the small plates and good wine program. Very comfortable restaurant with good food and service.


        Union Wine Bar and Grill
        3815 N Brown Ave, Scottsdale, AZ 85251

        Stingray Sushi
        4302 N. Scottsdale Road, Scottsdale, AZ 85251

        1. How much does the omakase menu cost? The prices are not listed on the restaurant's website.

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            There is a 4-course omakase that had been $90, and dropped to $50 during the summer weekdays. The full omakase, 8 courses, is $125. There is also a six course 'uber' omakase for $175. These prices are with pairings; it's less if you choose not to go with the sake/wines.

          2. I tried to go last nioht but they were not there any more. I was so crushed.

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              Nobuo has a new restaurant - - he still does the omakase.