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Jan 8, 2008 05:45 PM

Pizza Downtown

I just finished up my first Purgatory Pizza pie of the new year and was wondering if anyone had found any other solid pizza shops in downtown. I know numero uno and the array of chains, and I've suffered through many Rocket Pizzas (not to mention their weak delivery zone)...I was wondering if there were other favorites or styles to try that are as good as or better than Purgatory.

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  1. Pitfire Pizza on Second and Main. Some people love it, some don't, but I've always had good meals there.

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    1. re: Bon Vivant

      I like Pitfire, too. Their veggie pizza is really good.

      1. re: Nicole

        Pitfire is satisfying, although they can be a bit pricier. Big Mamma's Pizza ( Flower/Sixth) offers an affordable, huge slice if you want something quick & lighter on the pocketbook. Lamonica's is also good, especially when you can get a fresh, hot slice. We're not too picky and we like just about any pizza. Los Angeles Pizza Company is our next stop this week. Can't wait!

        1. re: whiteonricecouple

          pass on big mama's IMHO.

          large greasy slice for 5 bucks = no thanks

          1. re: ns1

            Even if you aren't so hot for their pizza they are the only place I know to get khachapouri in town that I know of (see photo below).

            1. re: Servorg

              Yup, and they'll even do an 18" khachapouri with all the eggs you want.

              See here:

              1. re: Servorg

                WOW that looks good! Have to give it a try soon.

      2. I've driven past Los Angeles Pizza Company (getting on the 110 N many times) but have yet to try it. Anyone?

        Los Angeles Pizza Company
        712 N. Figueroa St.
        Los Angeles, CA 90012
        (213) 626-5272
        Mon-Sat 11AM-11PM

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        1. re: yinyangdi

          I tried it a while back. It was just OK. I haven't returned although that Argentinean sausage sounds interesting.

          1. re: JAB

            The pizza was okay, but the Argentinean sausage sandwich was great, they were out of empenadas when i went.

        2. lamonica's aka la ny pizza or some retarded name, 6th near hope/pershing square

          I go there every week, sometimes 2-3x a week. Best NY style around DTLA IMHO (and I work next to pizza next door)

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          1. re: ns1

            Pizza Next Door is the stuff, downtown, right now. I find it more consistent than Lamonica's/NY/whatever they call themselves since they changed hands.

            1. re: silverlakebodhisattva

              funny I find it the exact opposite. I find that pressing machine thing they use = consistency, and I know the guy pretty well that handles the individual slices

              i only go for the freshest pies and always ask for it crunchy. gives it a more NY feel

              i find pizza next door hit or miss, and when it's good to be still lacking compared to lamonica's. their cheese is pretty good, but their toppings are hit/miss, they don't reheat (personal preference), overly greasy, and crappy texture. More Vito's like.

              pizza next door = vito's with more toppings
              lamonica's = joe's with more toppings/better value (ask for it crunchy, he'll give it that slightly burnt crackery taste). hell i prefer lamonica's over joe's

              1. re: ns1

                Well, there are quarters on this board in which "pizza like Vito's" is pretty high praise....

                1. re: silverlakebodhisattva

                  yes i'm aware. there are also those who think chicago pizza > ny pizza.

                  it's ok to be wrong sometimes ;)


                  discussing the different facets of pizza is impossible. Try both and figure out which one you like better. It's not like PnD or lamonica's are hurting for customers.

            2. re: ns1

              Is Lamonica's downtown related to Lamonica's in westwood and do they deliver?

              1. re: rftc2121

                they used to be the same but no longer

                lamonica's DT only delivers around certain parts of DT

                they also close at 5 and are not open weekends

            3. While not a pizza shop, per se, Wolfie's on the corner of 6th and Hope turns out pretty good pizza. The last pizza I ordered was the current "special pizza" with butternut squash, applewood smoked bacon and caramelized onions. Yum.

              Wolfgang Puck's Gourmet Express
              630 W Sixth Street
              (213) 614-1900

              1. PnD is one of my favorites. The best deal right now is Zucca's happy hour - free pizza! Not NY or Chicago, but excellent!

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                1. re: Fesdwino

                  Tell me more about free pizza please!

                  1. re: Fesdwino

                    So when did Zucca's happy hour begin including free pizza? It used to be just very cheap pizza. I like Zucca but I'd call the pizza "OK"--dry and bland to me.

                    Pizza Next Door is surprisingly good (certainly not dry and bland), though not really my style (too thick and cheesy). It's the best I've had downtown. I believe it's owned by the people who own Nazo's next door--the hot croissants in the morning there are highly calorific joys.

                    1. re: aventinus

                      anyone tried the pizza at purgatory pizza, it looks they just took over an old ice cream shop? and is surrounded by wharehouse buildings.?

                      1. re: kevin

                        its my vote for the best pizza delivery available downtown. their el diablo sauce is spicy --- very spicy--- but its a wicked nice touch. They deliver to Loyola Law School and have never let me down with respect to taste, quality of ingredients and timeliness. I'd suggest either (i) tomatoes, garlic and basil with the el diablo or (ii) sausage, green peppers and onions with the el diablo. Had a pie with the regular sauce the other day and its delicious but once you go diablo you won't go back unless you're not for spicy.