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Jan 8, 2008 05:37 PM

Lunch Adventure in SD

Tomorrow my sweetie and I are going to head somewhere different for lunch, somewhere we have not yet tried.

Our list so far:
Super Cocina
Latin Chef
Costa Brava

Any other recs?


Guess I should add, we like down home, quirky, different kind of places with food made with love.

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  1. Hard to tamper with that list Enorah....its golden! :)
    Some ideas:
    - El Borrego (great)
    - Tropical Star
    - Tajima
    - Sushi Ota Omakase Lunch
    - Cocina de Maria (Escondido)
    - Golden Phoenix (had a pretty good meal there the other evening)
    - Salt and Pepper Crab (if they have it at 99 ranch steam table op)
    - Brigantine Fish Tacos
    - Juanita's Estilo Tepitatlan Taco shop (Carnitas!)
    - Fish House Veracruz (Carlsbad San Marcos)

    - Korean Bakery in Zion
    - Panchitas Panaderia

    1. Since Latin Chef & Costa Brava are on the same street (some blocks away from each other) perhaps you could do both--start out at Costa Brava since it is lighter tapas and then finish at Latin Chef i.e. kill two birds with one stone.

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        Latin Chef won the day, and I am glad it did.

        We started with a Chicha Morada (that beautiful purple drink - sweet with a wonderful spicy undertone and a simple salad, oh and those yummy salted corn nuts.

        Then we had 3 entrees which were delivered to the two of us one at a time. That was nice. Gave us the opportunity to fully appreciate each dish and the combination of flavors.

        First we had the Pescado a la Macha - This was my honey's favorite - a white sea bass lightly breaded and sauteed in a red sauce (just spicy enough) with shrimp, octopus, and calamari on top with a scoop of rice on the side. Delicious.

        Second was the Aji de Gallina - This one was my favorite - tender pieces of shredded chicken in this wonderful creamy, spicy sauce - reminiscent of a curry also served with a scoop of rice.

        Third was the Lomo Saltado - Steak sauteed with tomatoes and onions served with french fries and white rice. Satisfying and yummy.

        Another aspect of the experience that was wonderful for us was the conversation we had with the owner, Freddie. He was warm and available and steered us well in our eating journey as well as telling us interesting things about Peru and his travels.

        We left feeling full and happy. A meal made with love.

        Oh and the woman next to us ordered one of the cebiche dishes which looked so so so time.