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Jan 8, 2008 04:52 PM

Dried Corn Husks in Bowie/Annapolis area?

I'm trying to make tamales for the first time ... have the recipe, have the masa. I can't find corn husks (or plantain/banana leaves). Any ideas?

I've tried the following: Trader Joes (Annapolis), Whole Foods (Annapolis), Safeway (Annapolis, Bowie, and Waugh Chapel).

I still need to check Giant, Shoppers, David's and?

I can buy them from Amazon, but the $6.95 in shipping is a bit steep!

And while I'm looking for corn husks, any ideas where I can find black lentils? Or rice paper? I regularly bought both at the Annapolis Whole Foods until a few months ago.

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  1. I have seen both corn husks and black lentils at the Atlantic Supermarket ("Atlantico") at New Hampshire Ave and University Boulevard in Langley Park. Given the preponderence of Hispanic and Indian grocers in Langley Park, If you can't find them at the chains or David's, I would say that was your best bet.

    1. Foodway Supermarket, on Annapolis Road near the Beltway in New Carrollton, is a good bet. Recommend you think "ethnic," rather than "upscale."

      1. Latino markets are truly your best bet. There are a lot around here -- you just need to know where to look. In Annapolis, try Anita Spanish Grocery:

        1900 Fairfax Rd # 1
        Annapolis, MD 21401
        (410) 295-1210

        It's clean and it has a big selection. I get my stuff there to make carne asada.

        Tamales are great fun to make and a lot of work! Best of luck.

        Anita Spanish Grocery
        1900 Fairfax Rd 1, Annapolis, MD 21401

        1. Thanks for the suggestions ... getting ready for bed last night I thought about ethnic markets. I remember passing a Hispanic market on Forest Drive ...

          I don't know why the local chains aren't more all-encompassing. My parents live in the middle of nowhere NH - 40 miles to the nearest grocery store. It is packed with all sorts of ingredients - things I have to find a specialty store or in this case an ethnic grocer to find.

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            I would be surprised if Shopper's Food Warehouse doesn't have them. They carry both fresh and frozen banana leaves, why not corn husks?

            1. re: nosey

              I was able to find them at Anitas, but I'll try Shoppers for some of the other things on my growing grocery list.