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May 10, 2001 03:01 PM

Cajun/Creole restaurant

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I am looking for a reasonably priced Cajun or Creole with great food anywhere in LA that can accommodate a party of 10-14. Gagnier's, Harold & Belle, Stevie's, Aunt Kizzy's, etc have all been mentioned on the board...which is the best?

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  1. in monrovia try cajun way cafe best gumbo ever

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    1. re: richey w

      Cajun Way is pretty small, I think the entire restaurant couldn't accomodate 10-14 people. Of the places you've suggested, I've only been to Aunt Kizzy's, and I don't consider that Cajun/Creole. More of Southern Soul food. They have a single jambalaya dish there, and I didn't like it very much. Unfortunately I haven't tried the other place, so I can't vouch for them. In your search, don't forget Uncle Darrow's. There's a location in Marina del Rey, and somewhere in mid-city????

      Good luck on your search.

      1. re: Kev

        I can heartily suggest the following -

        Ragin Cajun on Pier Avenue in Hermosa - the owner and cooks are from Opelousas and they really do a fine job. The place is boisterous but not overly loud and nicely decorated, and the food is really good. Try the Gumbolaya (Gumbo poured over jumbalaya) for a great quick lunch, or the splendid cajun ribeye or crawfish etoufee for dinner. Prices are reasonable, under ten bucks for lunch, under twenty for dinner. Beer and wine served.

        Florette's on Western in Gardena, just North of Redondo Beach Boulevard - Bland, minimalist decor and plasticware makes this more of a lunch place, but the food is excellent. N.B., gumbo is not available every day. Massive portions, modest prices. No alcohol served.

        There's a Cajun place on Leimert in a fearsome neighborhood that I used to visit during daylight hours only, but I haven't been there in some time... I'll have to see if it's still there. They made their own boudin which was wonderful. I'll try to drive by and get the name in case anyone is interested.

        1. re: Richard Foss

          I second Richard's rec of Ragin Cajun. I've had a great meal each time.

        2. re: Kev

          there is an uncle darrows on venice between fairfax and
          la brea. food is ok, but it is a outdoor patio sort of
          arrangement. not really a sit-down restaurant.

      2. Unfortunately, Gagnier's has closed. There is a restaurant on Pico at about Westwood called "Bourbon Street Cafe" or somesuch. It could easily accomodate your party, but the food is only slightly above average.

        I'd stay away from Aunt Kizzy's if you want Cajun. As another poster noted it is really souther/soul food, and not a particularly good example of that.


        1. There's the Bayou St. John in old town Seal Beach, which has a good reputation. There's some discussion about it somewhere down the line here. I've been there a few times, and find it average - no particular dish stands out in memory as exceptional in either extreme. The place is nice, though, and they make their own sausage. Main Street is nice for a stroll after dinner, too.

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          1. re: LBQT

            I've been going to Bayou St. John in Seal Beach since
            the mid 80's and it is bar none my favorite place to
            dine. My wife loves the seafood gumbo!!

            Happy eating,