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Jan 8, 2008 03:54 PM

Spiga...Needham St

Went to Spiga last night with three friends. The space is tucked behind a couple of buildings off needham street. You really need to know where to look for it or you will never find it.

We were very excited to eat at Spiga because there are not that many restaurants to go to on the Needham/Newton line. We were also excited because one of our favorite chefs, Marisa from Bricco was the consulting chef.

The menu is simple italian food, NOT the americanized italian food you always see everywhere, in otherwords no chicken parm in site. Too start, I had a simple green salad with a shallot vinaigrette, my friends both had ceaser salads. They were dressed well and the portions were good. For entrees we had the wild mushroom parapadelle, the filet mignon with artichokes and gorgonzola and the orechette with brococali raab & pork sausage. What a let down. The cook had obviously not tasted and seasoned our food because everything was bland. There were no salt shakers on the table and I felt bad about asking for one. The filet was ordered medium and came out well done and was missing the gorgonzola cheese. The mushroom pasta was also missing the truffle oil. For dessert we had the regular tiramisu and the strawberry tiramisu, they were good and very homey. For wine we ordered a bottle of the quattro Mani montepulciano d'abruzzo, really tasty, so much so, that we ordered a second bottle.

Overall, this restaurant has the potential to be really good, but still struggling with kitchen timing and execution of the overall food; we waited for about an hour for our entrees because of a kitchen mix up The service was warm, intelligent and helpful. The restaurant has a great feel of being a family run place, I believe many of the family were working in the restaurant alongside the servers. I do feel that for the prices they are charging they need to work out the kinks with the food quickly & I was a little surprised they did not attempt to offer a dessert or comp any item on our bill because of the wait. For three people our tab was....

3 salads, 2 pasta, 1 filet, 3 tiramisu, 2 bottles of wine.......$230 including the tip.

Eventhough, we had issues, when I left I decided I would return and am deep down rooting for them to succeed. Spiga is worth the visit if in the neihborhood.

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  1. Better directions & address please. Wine list comments. Bar?. Thanx.

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      Spiga is behind Kennedy Carpets near D'Angelo's off Highland Ave towards the Newton line. Just off 128 as you head to Needham St..

      They really dont have much of a bar, five seats and there is a open kitchen, cafe style dessert showcase and a cashier station. Sort of a unique strange set up. They only have a beer and wine lisence. The wine list is almost 100% italian and moderately priced. Probably about 40 bottles on the list, about 6 by the glass. Our bottle of wine was $25.

      I actually found this thread that has some more info...

    2. Here's a link:

      Spiga Trattoria Italiana
      18 Highland Cir, Needham, MA 02494

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      1. Marisa is also one of my favorite chefs. Do you know where she has landed? Was she there that night? Her food is far above most of Boston's offerings!

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        1. re: southie

          She helped open the restaurant and From what the manager said "tweaked" the menus. She is not there anymore, we were hoping she was...i MISS Brico when she was there SOOOO It sounds like she is doing consulting work for now.

          1. re: admiralackbar

            Thanks for the info. We should post if anyone finds out about her next project!

        2. We ate there last night. This is my fourth visit. We were there during the winter and since then, prices have gone up considerably. Please be sure to ask about the specials prices. Waitstaff did not include this and we were surprised when the bill came that veal chop was $38. Other entrees on menu were $25- $28 range. Our error for not asking the price before ordering. Service is still slow. Did not care for wait person...could have done away with all the honey, sweetie, darling salutations from her, but maybe some don't mind that.
          Food is good but I think it has gotten too pricey for what you get. If you are going to go here,try this place for lunch rather than dinner.

          1. We visited Spiga last night for the first time. Walked in around 6:20 without a reservation and were able to easily get a table for two; by 7 the place was pretty much filled. Friendly and talkative waitstaff - none of the issues with waiting for food as others noted 6 months and more ago. Wine list is still quite good - we settled on wines by the glass and our waiter was kind enough to bring out samples to help us choose.

            Dinner was excellent - my wife had the Caprese (sliced tomatoes, basil and homemade mozzarella) and I had the spinach salad (spinach, hazelnuts, sundried tomatoes and goat cheese) - both were outstanding and my only complaint is that the portions were huge. For dinner my wife had the pan seared veal medallions and I had a duck breast special. Both were served on a bed of roasted white beans and baby carrots with a deep fried mashed potato patty (the size, but not the consistency, of a hockey puck). Both dishes were well-executed and the only part neither of us liked much was the potato - it had a green herb in it (parsley?) that gave it a harsh flavor that was a little jarring. We did not have dessert as we had to make a theater time.

            Overall, the food was great, the service was professional and timely and the price was reasonable (two salads, two entrees and four drinks for just over $100). We will go back.

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            1. re: L84Dinner

              They have apparently, according to the website, "re-opened," but my wife and daughter ate there for lunch today and hated it so much they were still angry when they got home. Missing ingredients from dishes. People who didn't return with answers when asked but instead avoided them. Ordered soda water and got half a glass of bubbly water which she was then told was the small San Pelligrino she'd ordered.

              I don't have a menu in front of me but they brought home a pizza that had maybe a tablespoon of sauce on it and no cheese at all. I lived in Italy and that's not pizza.