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Jan 8, 2008 03:42 PM

Dining at Disney with a toddler

I know this sounds crazy, a place like disney is a little kids paradise. Next week my husband has a conference in Orlando and we are staying at the Swan. I am going with him and we are taking our 15 month old. Since I will be alone all day with him I am looking for suggestions, of places to go.

I am also looking for a place where my husband and I could have a good meal with a toddler. The one thing we have going for us is that he is fairly well behaved and he has a great palate, and will try anything and eats everything from Italian to curry (I feel blessed for that).

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  1. I'd call the hotel. I worked out there years ago, and they have programs and probably tons of ideas for kid stuff.....

    1. Here are on property suggestions:
      Artist Point: Wilderness Lodge
      Yachtsman steakhouse: Yacht club
      citrico's - Grand floridian
      Bluezoo- Dolphin
      Jiko:Animal Kindowm Lodge

      For you and the child:
      Chef Mickeys
      Beach Club Breakfast
      The dolphin has a 24 hour cafeteria

      Also you can go to downtown disney and then transfer to any resort.

      I'd also suggest visiting as well

      1. Every single Disney restaurant except one, including the top eateries, are equipped to handle kids. Go wherever the food sounds good. As for day-long stuff, I suggest hanging out at Downtown Disney Marketplace. It filled with great free and cheap stuff for toddlers to do like jump in water spouts, try out toys, play with Legos (big ones for little kids) and more. There's a terrific dollar train (it's $2) and a merry-go-round. No entrance fee.

        1. Close to the Swan on the Boardwalk is Spoodles - decent food in a family friendly atmosphere. You can check for menus to the different Disney rest's