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Jan 8, 2008 03:15 PM

Help - Vancover sushi or seafood, 1 night only

I have a business trip this week to Vancouver, a city I am not terribly familar with. I know that fish is the way to go, and fortunately dinner is on my company, though I personally love local joints with charm and character, so by no means do I have to go to a Nobu type $$$$$ place.. Am staying in downtown area at Opus Hotel. Would be so grateful for any sushi or seafood reccos either walking distance or a very short cabride away. Thank you NW Hounds. Amy in Brooklyn.

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  1. Here are two recommendations, and a third teaser!

    Tojo's is rated as one of the best sushi restaurants in North America. We were there with a party of 15 in July (5 kids, so we went at 5 pm) and 10 of us had the chef's menu. Fabulous.

    Another favorite, on the hotel side of the city, is Rain City Grill. Fabulous food across the board, including seafood, and a great BC wine list.

    All that being said, my ultimate favorite restaurant anywhere is Vij's, at 11th and Granville (a short car ride south of the city center). The seafood there, and everything there, is fantastic.

    We have been known to drive (three hours north) there for dinner and drive home that same night. That is my ultimate suggestion. (You could go to either Vij's next door space, Rangoli, or RCG for lunch, as well)

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      I agree with zoogrrrl's recommendations of Tojo's, Vij's, and Rangoli. We always go to these places each time we go to Vancouver.

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        Agree that the food at Vij's is excellent but keep in mind that he does not take reservations under any circumstances, it is currently pouring rain in Vancouver, and the last time I tried to go there, we arrived at 545 on a Friday night and the wait was already 2 hours.

      2. The recommendations given so far are great especially for an out of towner. You may also want to check out the Izakaya scene downtown - Hapa, Guu (3 different ones), etc.

        The Elixir right at the Opus (great hotel, BTW) is also a good restaurant.

        1. Personally, I like Shiru Bay Chopsticks Restaurant. Sit by the kitchen counter and go for their tasting menu (it was $40). It is an izakaya more than a sushi joint, but it is only steps away from the Opus.

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            Good call kwailan4. I forgot about Shiru.