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Jan 8, 2008 03:14 PM

Asian Restaurant Recommendation near Dupont Circle

Hi Guys! I will be visiting Washington DC this weekend and will be staying near Dupont Circle area. Do you have any recommendation for Asian restaurants in this area? I would prefer to spend $25 or under on my meals, if possible. Thanks!

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  1. My vote would be Thai Chef on Conneticut Ave a little past R St. They have really good thai food and sushi. It's also pretty reasonable. If you get there before 7pm, they also have some happy hour specials.

    1. For sushi my favorite Dupont spot is Sakana on P St. No frills neighborhood sushi restaurant but friendly service and really delicious particular you should get the Sakana Tempura roll. You will be dreaming about it for weeks afterward.

      In terms of Thai I like Mai Thai and Thai Chef (although a little less...although they do have a great salmon dish and sushi as well). A little further up towards Adams Morgan is great thai food at Regent Thai.

      Do not go to Raku...its pretty mediocre, at least the Dupont location is.

      $25 should get you a great meal at all of these spots.

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        Elyssa, does Sakana still have that inexpensive sushi/tempura weekday luncheon special? If so, it's worth checking out, bearmi, if you're on a budget and the times work out for you.

        I recommend the veggie sushi/tempura combo, but my friends liked the dead fish version, too.

        1. re: Gonzocook

          I don't know because I only go to Sakana for dinner. I'm never around Dupont for lunch (and if I am I'm usually at CF Folks :) )

      2. Thanks guys for the prompt responses. I will check out your recommendations,

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        1. re: bearmi

          What kind of "Asian" do you want? There is Malaysian at both Penang and at Maylasian Kopitam (spelling?) near by also. Searching the site will get you more info on both.

          1. re: DCLindsey

            Malaysia Kopitam is unique and a VERY good deal. Penang is a chain, so you can get it in a lot of cities. I prefer Rice to any other Thai place in the city. It's New York in style, but the flavors are much more Thai, if you are looking for something authentic. Mandu is the only Korean place in town, and it is pretty good, if you are not looking to grill at your own table (to do that, you need to go out to the VA suburbs).

            1. re: DCLindsey

              Thanks for the info. Malaysian is good. I am Asian so I would prefer Chinese, Japanese, Thai, Malaysian, Korean, Indian, etc to Sandwiches/Burgers or places that feature 15 different kinds of Mac & Cheese :)

          2. If you're around for happy hour, Penang has fantastic calamari to snack on while enjoying a Chimay - they usually have a very good, non-Asian, beer selection.

            That said, I've always been disappointed in full meals there. Their food, aside from the delicious calamari, reminds me of a mediocre, cookie-cutter, Pan-Asian restaurant.

            1. Thanks again to those of you who have responded to my post :) You guys are very helpful! One more question. A friend of mine told me Meiwah is good. What do you think of that place?

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              1. re: bearmi

                I've been pretty disappointed in Meiwah since moving to Dupont Circle. My favorite Chinese food restaurant in the area is a little farther up in Woodley Park called Mr. Chen's Organic Chinese Restaurant. Much better...especially the cold sesame noodles.

                You also mentioned that you like Indian. There is a great Indian restaurant called Heritage in Dupont Circle. Tons to choose from and they also have a cheaper "street food" menu which is fun to choose from.