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Jan 8, 2008 03:10 PM

Las Vegas: Wedding Reception

My sister is flying in from Chicago to get married. All our family is in Texas, his are in NY, and I am in PHX. She mentioned Bahama Breeze, and I nearly lost it. I volunteered the services of chowhounders to locate a better non-chain place that we would be able to get 20-30 people in to.

Its not a traditional wedding, family, or anything. Obviously if they looked at Bahama Breeze they aren't too picky. I just don't want her to look back at it later and regret it.

Hell, I'd pick the Hofbrauhaus over Bahama Breeze. Then we'd at least be in walking distance to the Double Down.

I think she likes the tropical theme. that is why she was looking at BB. I told her to look at Trader Vic's. Even though I was dissappointed with the one in Scottsdale, I am sure most of the people would love it because they aren't exactly foodies.

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  1. What about Rum Jungle @ Mandalay Bay? It has a tropical theme...food is decent. Turns in to a nightclub in the latter evening.

    TAO @ the venetian is a beautiful spot more asian than tropical......could accomodate a large group.

    For more upscale there is Roy's on Flamingo

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      I've only been to Rum Jungle at night. That is worth a look. I'll check out Tao too.

      I've been to Roy's here in AZ, so out of my own selfishness I want to try something new.

      Thanks for the tips!

    2. I hated dinner at Rum Jungle. If they wanted to go chainey and cheap in that area of Bahama Breeze (yuk) there are a whole lot better chains that could accommodate that size of a group that has food that is not that horrid (buca and Gordon Biersch to name a few) but they are still chains and are marginal but you still could hop over to the double down. I like Border Grill at Manadlay Bay but they will probably make you do a fixed menu, in fact most places on the strip make you do a fixed menu for over 10 people . I really enjoyed Envy at the Marriott Rennaisance and they are never really that crowded so they might be able to accommodate that size of a party but it can be a bit pricey. I am trying to think of places close to the strip because I am not sure you have transport . Nora's on Flamingo I like but there is no way on a weekend they will be able to acommodate it. Pasta Mia on Flamingo by the Palms is good and they have a seperate area that could hold 30 people. Its nothing fancy but I have had good meals there in the past and its pretty reasonable. Hell if they are adventorous take them all to Lotus of Siam.

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        I think her concern was it being island themed. She'd never had Bahama Breeze, so she was oblivious. They don't have them in Chicago I guess.

        I am driving up from PHX, but I think they want to stay relatively close to the strip so everyone else can cab it.

        I would take her to Lotus of Siam though. We would both enjoy it. The better halves we might just drop off at PF Changs. They might be more content there.

      2. Any thoughts on Cuba Cafe (may be too small?) or Florida Cafe?


        1. I think florida cafe has a seperate room. Med Cafe on Maryland might be able to set you up on the Hookah Lounge if you get out of there before their late night crowd which could be nice and festive . I still think they have the best hummus in town and the rest of the menu is pretty solid and very reasonable.

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