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Jan 8, 2008 03:01 PM

Short trip to Laguna Beach

I am coming up for a one night solo get away Jan. 17th. I will be driving up from San Diego and staying close town at the Holiday Inn on PCH in Laguna Beach. I am looking for a great lunch on Thurs.,either on the way up, or in town. and a memorable dinner that night. Friday AM I am up for either a great breakfast or lunch. Yes, food will be the focus.
I am considering Sapphire in the old Pottery Shack. Do you agree and do you have any suggestions? I have been to 5ft, and was disappointed. Cafe Zoolu was good, but I'm not a swordfish fan. Cafe Zinc was interesting, but too vegetarian. I have enjoyed 230 Forest, but would like a change. I noticed a hole in the wall mexican take out place close to 5 Ft. After the fact, I heard good things about it. Is it still there, and is it still good? I would consider a low budget breakfast on my way out of town.

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  1. I'd recommend Sapphire. If they still have it, try the barramundi.

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      I second Sapphire. Call for reservations if you go there. If the weather is nice ask for the patio.

      I am bored with 230 Forest. They haven't change their menu in ages.

      You should also consider driving down to Corona Del Mar a few miles north and try Crow Bar and Kitchen. They are now open for lunch.. I have been about 5 times now and really like this place.

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        Thanks for the prompt response and the web site. I looked up the menus for crowbar and it looks VERY interesting. Definitely worth a little additional driving.

    2. I third Sapphire and Crow Bar. Personally I like Zinc, but my husband (the carnivore) didn't.

      1. For the "breakfast option" you were looking for, I'd go with either Heidelberg (in town on PCH) or Cafe Vienna (South Laguna on PCH). Order the Eggs Heidelberg at either one (same owners). The healthy harvest muffin is also amazing.

        The "hole in the wall Mexican place" you saw is likely La Sirena. Great take out tacos - only a few outside tables.

        1. I don't want to be the proverbial Grinch, but I wanted to love Crow Bar, but was heartbroken. Personally, I think it is already overrated.

          For lunch in Laguna Beach, you may want to consider Brussels Bistro. They are consistently good.

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            Do you mind me asking how many times you have been to The Crow Bar? I hope you are not judging this restaurant on one visit within the first month it was opened.

            It is funny. I always tell myself not to go to a restaurant when it first opens yet I always do and I am often less than impressed. More often than not they get better as the weeks and months go by.

            I do like Brussels Bistro...just don't order the Shrimp Croquettes. They taste like a smelly fish turd.