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Jan 8, 2008 02:31 PM

Lavanga or The Mermaid Inn for Second Date

I'm brand new here...Can't decide between the mermaid Inn of Lavanga for Second date...Please help, thanks

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  1. Do you mean LaVagna (Italian)? If you do their food is much better than The Mermaid Inn. LaVagna also has a great wine list. LaVagna is pretty dark, small and intimate as compared to The Mermaid Inn. Not sure what type of atmosphere you are looking for.

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      Thanks for the help...yes, the italian place on 5th b/t A & B. I was there once and loved it. I was never at the Mermaid Inn, so I don't know how it measures up. Both my date and myseld live on the UES...I wanted to get out of the area and go downtown on the east side somewhere intimate but appropriate for a second date. but not too expensive. Would like to keep the bill under $150 if possible, do have any other palces you like better then LaVagna? Appreciate all the hepl

    2. I had great food at Lavagna when I tried it about 4 years ago, but you should be warned that the place is incredibly cramped and lacks privacy for a date situation. My recollection is it's a pretty casual despite the lengthy wine list.

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      1. re: sugartoof

        Can you recommend a place for a second date which you would prefer....Have you tried the Mermaid Inn

        1. re: Marginwalker

          I haven't tried Mermaid Inn to compare, and all my suggestions for the East Village would be on the more casual side as well. Maybe Frank's?

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            Also, another suggestion: there's a cuban place which opened recently on 3rd street between b and c i think. I found out about it from a NYMag review. Unfortunately the name slips my mind, and it's a hole in the wall....but really great food, and almost every table appeared to be on a date when I was there. Make sure you order the plantains. Best I've had.

            1. re: sugartoof

              I think it's called Cortadito. I passed it the other day but haven't been.

              1. re: Lucia

                That sounds about right, yes. It doesn't look like much, and the mural on the wall is pretty silly, but the food was really impressive. If you go, make sure you try the Yuca Fries, and order the Plantains. Both are easy to miss out on, since they're such snackey items, but they took the meal to another level.

        2. The Mermaid Inn has totally forgettable food, and you have to shout to have a conversation, and the tables are tiny and very close together. Loud, cramped, ordinary food, and overpriced do not seem to me a great place for a second date, or any other.

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          1. re: rrems

            Not to mention, the Mermaid Inn just closed for renovations...after being exposed for having a rodent problem!
            Some ideas in the East Village and thereabouts are: Apizz, Degustation, Alta, Aroma Kitchen & Winebar. Good luck!

            1. re: jthefoodie

              Thanks for all the help...I think I'm going to go with LaVagna.

          2. Take a look at I Coppi on 9th Street between First and A.

            1. LaVanga over Mermaid Inn. It's awfully loud and the food isn't even close to being good. Skip Mermaid. Also in the area, The Smith was a nice place for a date and there's a photobooth downstairs which was a fun stop after our meal.