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Jan 8, 2008 02:14 PM

Cine and the National, Athens

Has anyone tried the Monday/ Tuesday prix fix? Dinner and a movie 25? I have heard it is good and portions are generous.

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  1. Just did it last week and it was great; eat before or after the movie. You can't beat the price! The food is always amazing as well as the wine list. The National is by far one of my very favorite eateries. We prefer it over the 5 & 10 because of the casual atmosphere, more of a city feel, and the food is wonderful. Enjoy!

    1. VERY good. We started with shared hummus and flatbread, then he had monkfish and I had pork tenderloin. Both very good, but the tenderloin was a little better, more flavorful. He finished with the homemade mango ice cream and I had the chocolate torte. There was more torte than I could eat, and it's not often I don't finish dessert.

      What's really nice is that they do "pours" as well as glasses, so we were able to try some different wines with the different courses and then be relatively sober through the movie.

      1. It's definitely a good deal. Have gone a number of times over the past couple months and had a great time each time. The food is good and both options usually look very tasty. As some of the others say the wine list is great also, plenty of options that keep total cost down while not sacrificing quality.