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Jan 8, 2008 01:51 PM

Cocktail obsessives

I'm a journalist looking for people in Colorado who are obsessed with cocktails, to the point that they make their own bitters and liquers, buy obscure ingredients on eBay, and collect old cocktail recipe books. Ideally, I'd find a group of people who regularly get together to make cocktails. In addition, if anybody can recommend especially good bartenders and bars (bartenders that specialize in classic cocktails and, ideally, do make some of their own ingredients) that would be great.

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  1. Well that describes me to the point that I am now opening a distillery so I can create products and spirits especially for mixologists and cocktailians.. Only problem is I'm in Maine, and all my mixologist and bar recs are in NYC.

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        Are you opening up anything to the public? I'm outside of Boston and interested in what you're up to!

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          Some of my products will be available in Maine and NY by late spring/early summer. Some, like whiskeys and amber rums need to age a few years. I am talking to several mixologists in Portland and NYC about working on cocktails and new product release parties. As far as I know Chowhound doesn't let you announce events, but I will announce product releases.

      2. I think Modern Drunkard is based in Colorado.

        Your local Ladies United for the Preservation of Cocktails might also be of help.

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        1. Here's one you won't find any books. The Jack Brady Special:

          Jigger of VO
          Jigger of Southern Comfort
          Jigger of Wild Turkey
          Jigger of Galliano
          Colored with Coke.

          Used to drink these in Idaho Springs back in 1971 when I worked as a miner digging the Straight Creek Tunnel (Eisenhower Tunnel.) This drink was invented by our crew boss, Jack Brady and we'd celebrate the end of the work week by lifting several of these babies. After two or three, we'd all be reciting the miner's mantra: "I'm a miner, mucker, mean motherf****r, wanna fight?" Often we did. I sure miss those good old days.

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            Right about that same time we used to drink Harvey Toiletflushers in New York, which as I remember, was made in a beer glass with a shot of vodka, a shot of gin, a shot of white rum, a shot of Galliano, a half cup of orange juice, and then topped off with dark beer. It was different, and would lead quickly to forgetting the recipe.

          2. Too bad you're in Colo. Your request describes me to a T. I make my own bitters, liquers, infusions, and collect recipes, Bar gadgets and shakers, obscure high-end spirits and make up many of my own drink recipes. I'm looking at purchasing a still this spring so I can branch out and try some ideas I've had. But I'm in Missouri, so I'm out of range.

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              Chazzerking, you fit the profile i'm looking for perfectly! wish I weren't just looking for people from colorado...