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Jan 8, 2008 01:38 PM

Looking for good bottled Ceasar Salad Dressing

...or cesar salad dressing. I've tried Cardini's, Trader Joe's & Costco. Of the three, I like Costco's the best (TJ's wasn't creamy enough & don't remember what I didn't like about Cardini's). I just bought Rao', love their Arrabiata sauce. But the Rao's caesar tastes more salty than lemony/tangy which I prefer. Any rec's? My other favorite dressings are La Martinique blue cheese vinaigrette & Whole Foods 365 honey mustard. Thanks!

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  1. I like Newman's Own, but it may not be creamy enough if that's what you're looking for. Check it out and see.

    1. I'm not sure Renee's is available in the states but its a favourite at our house.

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        1. re: Blush

          I third Renee's Caesar dressing, and if it's not available my 2nd choice is (believe it or not)President's Choice.

      1. Have you tried Brianna's? Lemony/tangy isn't how I would characterize it, but we can't keep enough of it in the house.

        Also, if you're ever interested in making it at home, Ina Garten does a great one that defintely has a good dose of lemon.

          1. re: ArikaDawn

            i like ken's too - but i'm not sure if i buy the regular or lowfat. it's not creamy - but it's chock full of flavor. really good! i don't really care for any other caesar dressings b/c they are somewhat bland.

            1. re: ArikaDawn

              I love Ken's as well. The lite one is excellent, never know it's lite.

              1. re: lexpatti

                Just got off the phone with my sister who also recommended Ken's. I thought she didn't like Ceasar dressing. She said she doesn't stock it normally but when she does, it's Ken's. I live in Northern California & have never heard of Ken's nor do I recall seeing it at Safeway or anywhere else. Am I just missing it or is it an East Coast/Midwest thing?

                1. re: ceekskat

                  The Safeway in Foster City has Ken's, they started stocking it a few months ago.

            2. But God it is so easy to make at home and so incredibly good that way. All Chows should make their own salad dressings IMHO.

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              1. re: Chinon00

                Just agreeing. Sooo much better to make your own, particularly in the case of Caesar. And easy, too. I do understand the allure of bottled, but maybe just try your own to see if it's doable.

                  1. re: Sarah

                    Since you are using raw eggs I wouldn't keep it too long. But I mean it is so easy it'll take you minutes (with some practice, granted) to make. I've come home from work for lunch and made a Caeser salad. That served on a chilled plate with a Portugese roll and a glass of rose or riesling, out on the terrace in summer is LIVING.
                    Now, I must admit that I don't make my own croutons for Caeser salad, despite the fact that some of my friends tell me how easy that is.

                    1. re: Chinon00

                      I make all my own dressings as well and I never buy the bottles stuff. My version of Caesar doesn't have raw egg in it and it is still delicious and has a decent shelf life.

                      1. re: HungryRubia

                        What do you substitute for the raw egg? Thanks!

                          1. re: Chinon00

                            You can coddle the egg for 1 min. That brings the temperature up enought to kill the nasties but not to really "cook" the egg. Just don't go much longer or you will have a soft-boiled egg.

                            1. re: rockycat

                              Yes, this is what I do, and from what I've read it's the traditional way. Works great (much better than going the mayo route, IMO).

                            2. re: Chinon00

                              I just looked at the recipe and I can't say that there is anything in there that would be a substitute for the raw just seems to be omitted. I guess many would claim that it's not a true Caesar, which may be true, but it's pretty tasty. Please see the link below.

                    2. re: Chinon00

                      It's not always feasible for some people to make their own salad dressings. I keep several bottles at home and in my office fridge for a few reasons: (1) I like a variety of flavors, (2) I do Weight-Watchers so go the low-fat route and (c) I don't eat enough salad at home to justify the inevitable waste.

                      I think you can be chow-ish and still buy prepared products if you choose well.
                      Some people make their own pasta, bread etc but I bet more people don't.

                      1. re: rednails

                        To be clear I always make just enough Caesar dressing for the meal at hand. I never make salad dressing to be stored. For me it defeats the purpose (i.e. freshness).
                        I've never purchased a store bought bottle of Caesar salad dressing but I can't imagine that it would be better than that prepared with fresh garlic, anchovies, egg yolk, lemon juice, chopped parsley and extra virgin olive oil.

                        1. re: Chinon00

                          My sister and I enjoy making Alton Brown's "Hail Caesar" salad, complete with the dressing and homemade croutons. Absolutely delicious.

                          1. re: Chinon00

                            "Chacoun a son gout." "To each their own", loosely translated.

                            I forgot Reason #4--I don't always have the time, as quick as you think it is. Chop the garlic, parsley, etc etc. Shake, open bottle, pour, done...

                            Also, I use Egg-Beaters (quelle horror!) again for WW purposes.

                            When I have the time, mostly if I'm preparing a special salad that requires a specific dressing that I don't have, I'll make the dressing fresh. Otherwise, bottled.

                            1. re: rednails

                              For convenience I totally agree that nothing beats the bottle. Also, I should admit that I tend to make simple salad dressings (i.e. whatever acid that I have available [e.g. lemon juice or caper juice] combined with fat from one of the salad components [e.g. oil from canned octopus]. For more complex dressings with multi-multi ingredients (like something Asian) I totally get it.


                          2. re: rednails

                            I don't worry about such things, but coddling an egg for one minute will definitely not kill salmonella or lysteria bacteria. You have to cook the egg all the way through to do that.